I love 109-2.
Love love love love.
It's just my style, it's just how I want to be!
The shops are amazing, it ain't that expensive, and the staff in every store greets me heartwarmingly and socialize with me like the potential customer I am. Not giving me weird looks as in Maruione, boooh.

I got myself an awesome bag from Diavlo!
But this guy at Vice Fairy was really on to me about getting one from him, and when I finally said that I'd look around at other shops first he cried out "Dame desu ka..???" with these big puppy eyes and suddenly I was all HM MAYBE I NEED TWO BAGS. Haha, it's amazing how talented some of them are at charming people!
...but it's also a bit annoying because now I've got a craving for that damn bag.

I'm feeling very tired now. Tired of always being on foot, tired of always doing something. One month in Tokyo has passed and I think reality has caught up on me now. I just want to relaaax...
But! No time for that.
Tomorrow is Mad tea party, with D + Kagrra, + lynch. + 9GOATS BLACK OUT + Moi dix Mois! I'm up for it, yeehaw!

See yaaa

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