The halfnaked girl

The pachinko hall across the street from my school has got a new decoration; a three stores high, blonde, half naked, hysterical manga girl. Staring at us during the breaks.
I'm sorry but... I don't approve.

Oh but!
You know... when you just woke up and you have a day off and it's cold and raining outside but your bed is so warm and comfy and you know you can stay in it forever and just huddle up and becomes a big warm bed bug; you know that feeling? That's how I've come to feel about Tokyo now! I love it~♥

See ya!
(...though it took me 1,5 hour to get out of bed today because it really is that cold and rainy outside today, but I didn't have a day off. Uuuh. (I sudddenly feel blessed for being in the afternoon class.))

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is horribe what manga girls like me x_X me also take the day off T_T