Harajuku sunday

Harajuku on a Sunday, not a very big hit.
The only difference from any other day is that Takeshita street is so incredibly crowded and that there's five billion tourists. Oh, and the Harajuku bridge, you know? There were like 10 Funky People and 1000 tourists who all wanted to take pictures of them.
No no no, if you want to see cool funky people you should hang around Takeshita street, in and around Laforet, and the Meiji road x Omotesando road crossing.
Tips from the coach.

A h.NAOTO flag shop focusing on Sixh., GRAMM, h., and NAOTO SEVEN. In general, h.NAOTO isn't my cup of tea at all, but I like many things of SEVEN and is madly in love with Sixh.
And hEAVEN grabs the first price of Coolest Shop Liek 4 Evah.
No really! Have a look at the sneaky picture I managed to take because no one was around when I came in.

Please notice that it's not even a good shot since I had to be really quick! Ah wow, that was so awesome. And I've got about 109384758 new items on my wishlist.

Also, I love how you just sit around waiting outside the station and suddenly you hear Yomi's/Chiba's voice in full volume behind your back; it's the Sendai Kamotsu-truck promoting their new album!

The same truck were outside V-rock festival too, and when it came close, people went absolute crazy, running towards it while squealing and taking pictures!
There's also a Kinki Kids and a LM.C truck going around Harajuku at the moment.

And it's a lot of women wearing kimono in Tokyo, I actually didn't think it'd be. Mostly middle aged, but some younger in their 20's wearing furisode as well. Uwah it's so beautiful!

Then Josephine came to meet me and we went to eat in Yoyogi park. That I need to get a map of ASAP since we didn't get where the heck to go at all and just ended up in Meiji shrine.

Oh well.
See ya!☆

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Åh klänningen på skyltdockan längst fram där, HAWT!

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Yonaki: no arguments there, man. do wannnnt