I want an owl

It's getting really cold in Tokyo now, and by cold I mean REALLY COLD. Today was maybe 15 c. How could I survive in -20 c back in Sweden??!! I'm freezing to death here!!

I went to a pet shop today!
They had so many animals (including monkeys, sloths, piranhas, pigs, scorpions, falcons, bats oh and did I mention monkeys?) but I fell in love with the owl! I loved how it peered at me everywhere I went. Wow, I want an owl!!
If not an owl I want that white, fluffy, blue eyed, beautiful, cuddly, superamazingmegacute cat. And I would like to have it now, please.

On another note,
Hanamaru has closed down!!!!
My cheap udon-place!!!
My world... it has ben shattered to pieces.....

See ya?

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Sara さんのコメント...

fyfan, djurplågeri much alltså ;A; ugglan alltså. Och alla andra djur som inte borde vara domesticerade.

Maja さんのコメント...

omg omg omg en apa! fast stackars liten, vilket liv... hos nån trångbodd japan liksom, spännande.