I wasn't made to study

Pwaaah things are starting to get difficult in school now.... I get so pissed off at those damn particles, urghl it's like they WANT it to be all messed up and confusing...
Today after school I just ate at Hanamaru in Shinjuku and then went straight home to study. I got nervous when today's teacher reminded us that if you get less than 60% on the achievement tests and the kanji tests (that we have everyday) you gotta start all over from square one and can't level up to the next class after new years. I got 93/100 on last week's big test so I might not be in immediate danger, but I feel like I don't know shiet so I'm still nervoussss.
Study study study study gah!

In other news, here's a very useful note Martin drew for our German friend Sabrina. Very useful Swedish sentences! Keep them in mind and you'll have no problem getting by in Sweden!

See yaaaaaa

PS Yesterday at Shinjuku station I saw someone who looked exactly like Tatsurou (MUCC) when he had short hair with bangs and red colored at the neck. It was... amazing!!

PPS I want Mos burger.

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Karolina さんのコメント...

Vilken bok använder ni? (: det ser ut som Minna no nihongo, kan detta stämma? ^^

(underbar blogg btw!)

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Yes, det är Minna no nihongo.
Och tack för komplimangen ^^