Japan delivery and scared shitless

So my family sent me a parcel from Sweden that arrived yesterday, but ah! I wasn't at home yesterday! Soooo, I got an Undeliverable Item Notice. I.e. I got another chance of getting my stuff delivered to my doorstep! I went online and filled in a form to request a new time, and I chose today Monday between 19 ~21. At 18:40 the delivery man knocked on my door.
Soooo conveniennnnnnt.

I woke up at around 05:00 this morning by the sound of sirens, and I immediatly thought of the Big Earthquake and got so scared I was almost shaking because I have no idea where to evacuate in this area. But after peeking out of the door and looking up teh interwebz seeing that the only earthquake occuring was a small one in Hokkaido, I could state that nothing was out of the ordinary, and I somehow managed to go back to sleep.
Now I get nervous everytime I hear an ambulance, but when I think about it, ambulances was probably what I heard this morning.
But I'm still nervous ugh.
Gonna sit down watching Tokyo Dogs and try to calm my nerves.
See yaaaa

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