Kaiten sushi

Kaiten sushi seems to be something incredibly exotic for westerners. It's a sushi bar where small plates with sushi pass by on a line, and you take the ones you fancy. When finished, the staff counts the number of plates you've eaten and that's what you pay for.
Did I mention the plates go round and round?
Today, me and Malin went to eat it in Shinjuku. And it was awesome! Sushi is yummy, but it's expensive here so it was the first time I've got it in Tokyo. But! Kaiten sushi is another story; there are different prices on different plates so you can get by pretty cheap. I paid 700yen for six plates, i.e. 12 bites, which is enough to make me satisfied; and that is CHEAP.
And the plates pass by you all the time in a cozy manner.
(Did I mention they go round and round all the time?)
Hihi. I wanted to make a movie, but I didn't dare. Took a picture instead.
So anyway, if you want cheap sushi - go eat kaiten sushi!

Now I've just arrived home after some partay at a friends apartment (yes, partay in a friends apartment! Poor neighbours...) I caught the last train home though, since I'm gonna go karaoke tomorrow and I want to be somewhat fresh.

See yaaaaaa

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