Közi live in concert!☆

Közi is one I've never ever thought I'd be able to see live, it has been kinda like an unreachable dream for so many years. BUT GUESS WHAT I DID TODAY OH YES THAT'S RIGHT

Me and Josephine attended E-furo, an event with Közi, rice and Dacco. It was held in Takadanobaba Club PHASE, the venue was perfect and I'm guessing it was about ~250 people in there. And again, thanks to Japanese girls being short I had a great view even though we stood in the back most of the time, haha.

Everyone expected Dacco to be the first act so I calmly stood in the back, when suddenly! Közi's intro started playing! The Közi-fans in the audience went "!!!!!!!!" and I quickly made my way to the front to get closer to the stage. (I succeeded well.)
And then. He. Entered. The stage.

And it was amazing.
Seeing Közi performing live was just as I imagined except that it was so much better. Happily he played songs from his whole discography, and I really have to say that Grottesca live is The Shiet! Babylo and Cruel Arcadia was amazing as well, and oh I made such a Happy when he performed Life Goes On ~with melancholy~!! Though I was hoping to hear Promenade but sadly it wasn't included. On the other hand, an upbeat electro-version of Honey Vanity; that was so cool!
Oh and also, after a short MC, they played Can't Take My Eyes Off You! Imagine that song, spiced up with Közi's special sound? It was epic. ☆

To put it frankly, I didn't see much of his support band because I really couldn't take my eyes off him (hahaaaaa!) but I did notice his awesome drummer who was completely crazy, and by crazy I mean crazeeeyyyy!! haha, he was great.
And then they left the stage and I felt like my life was complete. But oh wow really... yes, I can die satisfied. If not, at least I'll have extra sweet dreams tonight. He was so amazing on stage, it felt so Real! Közi is... Well, if I had to choose one person, or one man, or one anything; I'd choose Közi because I wouldn't need anything else. I want to marry his voice. (No, seriously. I would if I could.)

Okay, on with this entry before my inner fangirl gets too much space here.
I bought his live-DVD! I don't really think it's all that impressive (25 min of footage from gigs over a two year period, cut together) but I suddenly felt like giving all my money to him and the DVD is what I could afford with the cash in my wallet haha. And it's Közi so it's still epic. Yes.

The next act was Dacco! I was excited to see them because when I was younger I seriously had the biggest crush ever on Yura-sama.
Their thing is happy music with elaborate para para. (In other words, kinda the very opposite to Közi.) And when I think back, I think I hade a huge smile on my face the whole time they were on stage; they were AWESOME! And sooo silly haha! And Yura-sama is like a dream, oh, his smile still sends me to heaven.
He and Lida had three dancers and wow I was so amused I can't believe it. They had many long MC's full of funniness and oh, after each song Yura-sama finished it with a "....hai!".
Oh wow Dacco, haha.♥

And so lastly, time for rice; the main act!
I don't know really what to write since I'm not a fan, they're great but it's not my cup of tea. Yuki is awesome though, always making a kitty-face and saying stupid things (really stupid things haha)! But I enjoyed their show! And Hello, their latest singel, is so much better live, that much I can tell you! ...and their bassist was adorable.

After they finished, there was a special special surprise for Hiro, since it apparently was his birthday! Happy Birthday started to play, Hiro went "W-w-what's going on?", Yura-sama came on stage with a cake, followed by everyone else! The audience sang for him, he blew the candles on the cake and held a little thank you-speech, everyone on stage made a Happy, and so, all the bands thanked and bowed to the audience and with that, the event was finito.
And wow, I never thought I'd see Közi and Yura-sama holding hands, I'll never EVER forget that image hahaha!

Aaahhh.... oh yes, I just saw Közi live. I kinda can't really believe it, but this:

...is the feeling.

Seee yaaaaaa☆☆☆

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stekigt att ha sett közi live! jag vill också!