Mad Tea Party

Mad Tea Party was held at Stellar Ball, next to an aquarium, in Shinagawa. I met with Anni and we had lunch before going to the venue. My number was B 200 and I was a bit worried of not being able to see anything since there was about 1 200 people going in before me, but! There was no such problem, the venue was very neat and I got a really good place, maybe 10 m from the stage, perfect since I had a great view of everything. (Thanks to Japanese girls for being short haha)

The first act was lynch., and it was so amazingly nice to see them live again! Wow, they are so amazingly amazing live that I can't even describe it more than YOU GOTTA SEE THEM LIVE TO GET IT whoah I want to go to a oneman so badly.
But ugh it was so short! Too short! Way too short! They just got warmed up and then it was time to leave the stage... uh. Sad.

But next up was 9GOATS BLACK OUT, and I really had high expectations on them since I'm a big fan! They started out with Sink and I'm gonna be really honest here and tell you that I actually got disappointed. "Is this it..??" I thought and wasn't amused.
But! After a little while I drastically changed my mind, I'm not sure what happened but suddenly they were super awesome. ("Huh what how? Yay!" I thought and was very amused.) They played a sort of medley of about 5-6 songs that'd been shortened, did a small MC where ryo begged the audience to come to their oneman, and then finished it off with In the rain. It's my favorite song with them, and in it, his voice were absolutely amazing! Mmm.

After some more waiting (uh I hate all this waiting at events) it was time for Kagrra, and ooohohoho wow I love them! (Yes, don't we all!) It'd been over a year since the last time I saw them so I was really excited to see them again. And now I feel bad that I missed them at V-rock Festival because they are so awesome. They played a few oldies and some new songs and Shin is teh awesome and Izumi is teh shiet and Nao is so adorable and Akiya is the man and Isshi is the best. Mm. And they are so BEAUTIFUL! Their gigs are always so beautiful! Yes, they truly are a beautiful band. Mmmm!

Moi dix Mois was the next up and I really didn't have any hopes up for them since the last gig two weeks ago was so extremely boring BUT! They sure took me by surprise by actually being really fun instead! I'm not sure how they did it but I got all fired up and started to wonder how I ever could've thought they were boring. Good one there, Moi dix Mois; keeping a fan! (PS. it was not Mana's doing.)
Today is also Sugiya's birthday, which Seth gave a lot of attention (all the spotlights on Sugiya!) and made him go up to the front of the stage and speak to the audience. He got super duper embarrassed haha, but did in fact have a little talk! Aw man that was so cute, hihi!
I also love how Hayato loves to play the drums, I think it's really touching to see how very passionate he is about his part in the band!

Soooo lastly, it was time for D; the main act! Yes. They sure are great live, no arguments there. Although I'm a bit puzzled by Asagi, since sometimes I find myself thinking "Whoah that man sure can NOT sing!!" and then in another song think "Whoah that man's voice sure is the most beautiful I've ever heard!!" so... it's all a mess. Well! At this time I was very tired and my back was hurting, but D was so awesome live that those things didn't bothered me a bit; i.e. a sign of a great live. The audience were also great, making it all an even more awesome live!

When finished, they left the stage but appeared soon after again, presenting the special guest that I have no idea who it is. I recognize him, but I don't know, haha! They played two (of his) songs, where he and Asagi sang together.
Oh, and, Happy Face Asagi is probably one of the cutest things on earth since kittens were invented.

Annnnd after that old dude left the stage, Asagi had a talk thanking the audience annnnd then all the other bands went on stage again! (Not everyone though; it was Nao from Kagrra,, Mana + K + Seth from Moi dix Mois, the whole 9GOATS, and Hazuki + Reo + Yusuke from lynch..) Woho yay! As a final was Yami no Kuni no Alice, and everyone played together and sang together and hugged each other and made happy faces AND IT WAS SO AWESOME OK. It was like having a huge bag full of Happy and the Happy had a party and you were invited! Yes! That was exaclty what it felt like! Ah... oh it was so amazing.

And I don't have any good way of finishing this silly live report because I'm overwhelmed by the Happy I just experienced, so, I'm just gonna go ahead and say
See yaaaaaaaa♥♥♥

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Tokipon さんのコメント...

Spelade 9goats några av de nya låtarna? if so, hur lät de?

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

nä, de spelade bara från black rain och devils in bedside!

Tokipon さんのコメント...

Oj vad konstigt, de har spelat nya låtar jättelänge