Reunited with my love

Waking up because you're in the middle of freezing to death is NOT a pleasant feeling.

Today after school I made my way to Harajuku since I needed new pants. I had actually already kinda decided on a pair from Buffalo Bobs, so I went there first BUT one of the staffs gave me that weird "???"-treatment (can you believe he didn't even say irasshaimase??!! (though he did thank me when I left)) so I though to hell with this!!! and went to JackRose instead.

Kudou wasn't around so I went straight upstairs to Luv Maison, where the dude recognized me and asked if I still liked the scarf I bought the last time haha. I really like this dude because he's always socializing so much and he can't speak one bit of English so I get to practice my Japanese hihi! He helped me out to find a pair of pants to my liking (uh but I wanted them all), and to my surprise, I didn't need the biggest size!
Yes I was surprised, with all my junk in the trunk and men's pants having no space for hips and such, y'know. I said "I'm biiig so I need biiiig pants" and he went "noooooo you're not, try theeeese!" and it turned out he was right! Can you imagine!
So these are the pants I walked home with:

Though it's a bad pic and they look kinda boring, they're actually all shiny yay! I really didn't intended to get another jeans-y pair of pants but I couldn't resist teh shinyness.
Also, it's raining today and so he put plastic over the shopping bag. WHY ISN'T THE REST OF THE WORLD DOING THAT HUH?
Ah! Because the pants were a little bit too long they offered to cut them off a bit (woho yay!) and while waiting he asked me what other brands I liked and what brands I was wearing and when I told him my jacket was JackRose, woooow, now that was a deep bow I recieved! Maybe I should've counted the number of times he bowed to me haha.
And then! I got a point card yay! (Finally?!)
I love how it's a Special customer's card haha.

Well then!
See yaaaaa

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wow your pants are very cool!