Sixh. IRL

So we just walked in to Laforet for a quick visit, and when entering the last floor, what do I see in the h.NAOTO shop??


All three of them! Just! Standing there! In the shop! In real life!!
I went all "!!!!????SDLGKJHASDLKJ!!!!" and by heart was beating so loud. Had to go away for a while to calm my nerves (I didn't succeed). But I collected some courage and went back, just to see Mint walking away, what the! He's my favorite, he makes the nicest clothings. But! I went up to Ibi and somehow stammered that I'm a fan and he asked if I wanted to take a picture! Wow, it's so unreal, it feels like a dream!!

Oh and, when we came down the stairs, they were all staring at us, for some reason. And when I started talking to Ibi, the others (that third guy and the shop staff) when all "Oooooohhh!!!!!" for some reason. I dunno, because we're foreigners?

Anyway wowowowowowow.
Tokyo is the place to be!!
See yaaaa♥♥♥

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