Awesome tuesday deluxe

So yea, yesterday was a holiday, and I made my way to Harajuku again. I went into H&M for the first time and why does it seem so much more awesome in Japan than in Sweden?? I don't get it. I mean, it's good ol' H&M! Well. I got myself a pair of jeans. Thank you, good ol' H&M, for making pants that can hold all my junk in the trunk. I knew I could trust you!

I then went to my love JackRose where the gorgeous dude greeted me as always. I wanted to get a scarf, so I asked him if they had any and he said it's upstairs at Luv Maison (sub brand to JackRose) so I went up. While walking, I looked down and saw him wanting to follow me, starting to walk up the stairs, but aw man! his main floor is downstairs, and there was lots of customers who wanted help, so he couldn't leave the first floor! Too bad.
Well. To be honest, I like Luv Maison's clothing more, because it's more black with a hint of gothic. And EHEH of course I already knew exactly what scarf I wanted to buy so I just looked around a little before getting it. The staff upstairs was really nice too, he talked to me a whole lot! Oooh it's so fun to practice my Japanese!
When I came down, the gorgeous dude had that somehow pouty look and seemed to be a little sulky that I bought something from another staff, just like that time when I was trying the leather jacket, haha. Awww, I'm sorry, from now on I'll never come in on a holiday/weekend again, I'll come on a weekday when the shop is empty so you can follow me to Luv Maison, hahaha!
So mm, I couldn't help but buying the chain from him.

Just as I was going to go away I met Josephine at the station! Isn't it awesome how you can just stumble upon each other in the world's biggest city? That's when we went to Laforet AND SIXH. WERE THERE SHIET I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT.

Then we went to celerbrate Martin's birthday, with cake, sake and lots of presents! Oh and in Malin's apartment, I looked through a volume of Men's Knuckle, saw the gorgeous dude, and found out his name!

And yes, I have a crush on him. How can I not have when he's super hot AND super adorable!

Continuing the birthday celerbration, we went out to eat pizza and then sang karaoke the rest of the night! From now on I will always choose "Forbidden" with D'espairsRay and Daikirai with MUCC. Also, I believe it was the very first time in my life that I've screamed/growled so much in that short amount of time, haha!

And I managed to take the very last train home.

Ah, there has been very few pictures of me and Josephine, hasn't it? Which is weird since we spend so much time together. Here, have one of us outside Mejiro station!

See yaaaaa

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