Visual kei + Monster kei

Today I went to an event from Heretic sound music in Meguro with Martin! Well, my main reason for going was that it was a free live, but, I have now found a new band that I really like! There were five bands playing, and also Yukika as a bonus which was super awesome.
It was a smaaaaall place, the bands were great live; some of them I liked and some of them I didn't like quite as much. And I'm hereby a new fan of Navir and Ha;qch.! Especially Navir. (OH AND YUKIKA omg) I bought some cheki's and just happened to get the most awesome ever on the exact members I wanted to get! Woho!

Aaaaaand that's it for a live report. I'm too tired, after several cursed nights of insomnia.... Tonight, I just want to SLEEP!

See ya☆

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Maja さんのコメント...

hur 17 ska man uttala Ha;qch.
Alltså... nån måtta får det väl ändå vara med konstiga bokstäver och skiljetecken? D;

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Hakku (Hack) rätt och slätt :D
men det är ju coolt och fräsigt med fula stavningar! ;D

Maja さんのコメント...

när jag startar ett band så ska det heta Grrw;;;wloc_h'.!