Awesome live event and zombie attack

So yesterday I went to a live event with Martin at Ikebukuro CYBER again! In the lineup was Monokuro Kinema and Kyokutou Girl Friend, so it was bound to be made of WIN.
But first up as opening act was a small, new band; Hilldagarde. And what an amazing start of the event! Whoah, they were amazing! The songs were crazy good and they did such a cool show, even though they didn't have any fans in the audience. I immediatly grabbed their free demo, bought their poorly made photo sets and filled in their questionnaire, now I really want to see them live again!

After that awesome performance, Gaudie. came on stage and confused me since they kinda looked exactly like Kyokutou, haha. But they were just as amazing, ihiyahadjdk wow. I'm a big fan now okthnx. And the guitarrist was the coolest since freezers were invented.

And so it was time for Monokuro Kinema! Oh, how I've wanted to see them live. But first I didn't recognize their looks at all, but when they started playing Hito de nashi it all became clear, haha. And what a band!! They are so different live; more violent, more... fierce! More yay! I was completely taken away.♥

When these kind of small bands are playing, after their live, the members themselves use to sit at the back and sell merchandise. As for Monokuro Kinema, the singer Taketoshi sat at the stand but with all the other members standing behind him, he was very keen on shaking hands with us everytime we bought or asked something. And, he really liked to make fun of us; he said something we didn't understand and all the members started laughing, haha, thanks Take! Well, they became more than happy when I asked them to sign my CD.

After Monokuro Awesome it was Ensoku's turn. They were kinda funny but way too colorful for my taste, so we went out and sat in the staircase for a while, where Hilldagarde were taking pictures.

But so at last, the act I really were there for, the band I gave my ticket money to; Kyokutou Girl Friend! Ooohohoho, they sure lived up to my expectations! Kinda like I imagined, only much better. Dunno really what to write except from awesomeawesome and amazingamazing.♥ The only bad thing was that they didn't sell any merch, what, and I was in such a spending mood... Well. Later I'm gonna try get a ticket for their instore event in February.

Next was Tokyo Heroes, they weren't bad but they just couldn't compete with all the awesome we just saw, so we left the livehouse to get something to eat, meet up with Malin and Emelie, and once again spend some hours at the gamecenter!
Me and Malin finished the awesome shootinggame I even had a dream about, haha.

And of course, some purikura!

So in the end, I definately approved of this day.

See ya!

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