Fancy food

Today I met with another acquaintance, Junko, in Shinjuku. We spended the day in Takashimaya, which is a huge 12 floor department store with high class fashion and etc. It was unexpectedly fun to go window shopping with this 60-year old Japanese lady, haha!
But first things first; when we arrived our goal was to eat. And it was so FANCY oh how I've missed Fancy Food.

We later went to Takano Fruit Parlor on the 5th floor and everything was so amazingly amazing that I couldn't decide and got two things instead. (Yes, I am fat like that hahahaaaa) The chocolate parfait was to diiiieeeee for.

Takashimaya is awesome and I bought some traditional Japanese goods as christmas presents for my parents that were beautiful and not very expensive at all. Then the time had flewn away and Junko went home, but I stayed and walked around in the west/east area and peeked into the usual shops and bought some more christmas presents, and wow shopping sure makes me HAPPEH, especially when I think about how happy the people I've bought the items to will be hihihi. (...I hope.) Then I just hanged around, looked at people, and felt that I'm reeeaaaally comfortable in big cities. Yes.
Then when I came home I felt that I should take more pictures of it... maybe?

In other exciting news I've become addicted to spider solitaire AGAIN.
See ya!

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Pinky さんのコメント...

my gosh, that food looks delicious *______*

Rose さんのコメント...

massa mat O.O den där choklad parfaiten..ser massa yuuuum ut !!!