Harajuku shopping picture post (kinda)

Tried to take a lot of pictures today, but might've failed somewhat... it's because I feel like a stupid tourist whenever I pick up the camera! Silly, yah I know. I'm trying hard to be better at taking pics.

Here's Shin-Okubo this ordinary thursday afternoon.
Went to Harajuku after school, it's been a while since I went and it feels like I've missed it! I stayed longer than intended, walking around feeling happy, haha.

A christmas decorated Harajuku.
I went to Gadget Grow in Laforet and were once again overwhelmed by the awesomeness in that store, and once again wanted to get every damn thing in stock. Mhm, it's so awesome that I'm gonna have to show an official pic from their website of it:

Well. I bought a t-shirt. And it looks so good together with my cardigan aaaaah I'm so happy! Yes. Shopping makes me Happy and I'm not ashamed of it!
While I was in Laforet I also went to Black Peace Now, I reeeeaaaaally love BPN for Men. It's kinda like a mix of Gadget Grow and Sixh. with a hint of Atelier BOZ, so it figures. Wanna GET ugh I'm in such a mood for shopping now.

Laforet ILU.

I also peeked in to hEAVEN and really now, that shop is great for taking sneaky pictures since it's so big haha!

NAOTO SEVEN is awesome and now I've got several new shirts on my wishlist, damnitall.

And then, I didn't really plan to, but suddenly I found myself in front of JackRose soooo I went in. A shop staff that I didn't recognize apparently recognized me and started talking a lot to me (a sign of me being there too much??) and gave me an applause when he found out I'm Swedish.
But I went upstairs to LuvMaison where the usual staff greeted me and asked if I still liked the pants I bought the last time, haha. Ah, I really like this one (I think his name is Enji but I'm not sure), better than Kudou from downstairs actually! I didn't have any cash left so my plan was to just look, but when looking at this particular shirt he informed me that it was the last one in that color and size and I've been eyeing it for ageeeeeeeeees and after having tried it on I decided to reserve it and get it tomorrow.
But tomorrow is his day off so he won't be there, booh.

After JackRose I was happy and content so I went home.

Oh oh oh and, here's the t-shirt I bought!

Also, except from some new postcards of Ryuutarou (having him as their main model is just another proof of Awesome) I got a studded diary! Perfect since my old one, that I bought for 105yen, got drenched - along with my old bag - in strawberry milk tea.

Oh I'm in such a silly happy mood now.

See ya☆

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Bella さんのコメント...

får jag vara lite avis på dig? *vill oxå shoppa i harajuku*

aja får åka dit snart :3

jag tycker om när du skriver om jackrose och alla andra awesome brands ofc det är kul att läsa man blir glad av det :::DDD

zoo-bie さんのコメント...

Haha, ja, jag blir också så damn happy av att läsa om dina äventyr på JackRose. So keep it up, girl! Du borde gå dit oftare, just to please the crowd. >;3