Merry bliss

I'd like to make spending christmas eve at a Merry-live a tradition, please.

It was a free live (woho!) at Shibuya O-EAST, where I went with Anni. They was going to start hand out tickets at 13:00 so we went to stand in line at about 10:00, it was maybe 10 or so people before us. The ticket numbers were random, but I got number 104! O-EAST's capacity is aprox. 1300 people, so it was very good.

The live started at 16:00, we quickly went in and got a place in the left middle where there was only one person between me and the stage!

And so. They went on stage!
They started out with Japanese Modernist, but after that I don't remember the setlist at all because I was taken in by the complete awesome, although it was mostly new songs.
And Nero, wow, it's almost that I start to doubt that there really can be so much energy in one man alone! He's playing the drums with such PASSION, even when playing on just a box - at a breathtaking acoustic version of Tic Toc. Gara's singing at that point... I'm gonna let you in on a secret here and tell you that it actually brought me to tears.

This band.
They're not my no.1 Favorite Band but, oh my, they sure are my no.1 favorite Live band. Nothing else I've seen beats them, nothing!
They are so violently good that I can't even put it properly into words.

there was a reason behind their decision to throw in this free live; the chief editor (I think) for Fool's Mate has recently passed away. This was a memorial live in his honour.
Which is why there was a very melancholic feeling over it, the members were all very serious, and at the end where they said their thanks, Yuu started to cry.
It all left me with such a strong sad feeling, even though I didn't even knew that late guy.

And after that, at 19:00, they held their tour final. Wow.
Merry, you are amazing.

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