I was planning on just going home to study a little and rest a lot, but instead I went with Malin and Sabrina to Nekobukuro to see the KITTEHS. A Cat House in Ikebukuro where you pay a 600yen entrance fee, get inside where 16 kittehs walked around freely, you get to pet and cuddle and play with them for hoooow long you want.
Huge cat was made of huge

Angry cat was made of angry
Although most of them were ignoring all the people it didn't matter because I was in kitteh-heaven sldkjsalkgj♥
See yaaaa

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Malin さんのコメント...

Fat, angry american cat <3

((*natsi*)) さんのコメント...

The fat cat is angry ;O;!! But he is very shaggy *_*!! XD

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

The fat angry cat is just plain AWESOME! it even has a mustache hahaha!