Quarter Void is not dead

It hasn't been many frequent updates lately, hasn't it? I blame it all on my real life; Things has been happening - well, they still are - and as an effect I've been to lazy to write like I use to, haha.

Today in school we just did christmas decorations for the christmas party tomorrow, and after tomorrow we have a loooong winter holiday! Three weeks!
I got to know the score on last weeks achievement test and was so relieved, so hopefully I'll level up to the next class when school starts again in January.

On thursday is Christmas Eve already! I have awesome plans, the evening will be spent with my friends and maybe Swedish christmas food from IKEA, and before that I'm going to a live with Merry in Shibuya!
Oh yes I'm gonna have a Merry Christmas, mehehe.
Now I'm gonna continue listening to Doremidan's new album that I bought at Jishuban a few hours ago. It's awesome sauce.


When you least expect it, I'll be there. Watching.
(From Emelie's blog)

See yaaaa

I felt that very strongly today when I went to Family Mart to pay my bills. Mm, needed to put that in words.

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Skojar du, Doremidans nya? Suger ashårt ju D; :(