I met with my acquaintances Momoko and Kazuko to go eat tempura in Shinjuku. Not the 500yen tempura I use to eat on a daily basis, but the 3000yen-kind of tempura at a fancy traditional Japanese restaurant; The Real Deal in other words! AND IT WAS A FEAST since I think cheap tempura is a gift from heaven, this was kinda like coming to heaven.

I ate and ate and ate and just when I thought it was over they came in with another set of tempura and another bowl of rice. Now, seven hours late I'm still so full I can't believe I'll ever be able to eat again. Mmmmmmhmhmhmmmm tempura ILU.

After the yummy feast we walked around Shinjuku to see the christmas illumination and found out that this year, due to economic reasons, it won't be more exciting than a few lines of this:

But I still thought it was pretty.
Also, they were impressed that I used "いいえ" (iie) the right way and that I liked Asano Tadanobu, haha.

Oh yea it's December already damnit, it's crazy how time has started to fly byyyy.
See ya~

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