SWEET MADONNA 1st boring oneman

Yup so me and Martin went to SWEET MADONNA's first oneman at CYBER, and to my surprise there was a lot of people! Seems like they have some fans after all. Either that or everyone just came because it was free, hard to tell really.

Anyway, so, they weren't very impressive.
The important Big News they announced was that another guitarrist had joined them so now they're a five man band.

During one MC another band (no idea who) came on stage with a huge bag from McDonald's and started to give out hamburgers to the members and the audience.
That was just so weird hahah haaaa.

During their second MC we were so bored so we left.
Sorry guys, but I can tell why you're not popular.

And now I feel kinda restless. It might sound weird considering where I am and what I do all the time but I feel like I want Something To Happen. Dunno what though, so have a picture of the big christmas tree outside Ikebukuro station instead.

Christmas = big scary test in school of everything we've learned aaaah!

See yaayayayaya

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