Tokyo christmas

As soon as the gig with Merry ended, I quickly made my way home to Martin, Malin and Emelie in Mejiro. The apartment was filled to the rear with christmas spirit! A christmas tree with twinkling lights, christmas songs on the streamed swedish radio, and lots and lots of swedish christmas food from IKEA.
I took some christmasy pictures, but forgot my camera thereheh.

And christmas presents!
I got the awesome; two rare CDs with 9GOATS BLACK OUT!
As for my gifts... I thought to myself that I managed to get them suitable things, but I wasn't prepared for the reaction, there was so much happiness in one room! I probably became twice as happy, because their thanks warmed my heart so much♥!!

When I arrived home to my apartment, a package with gifts from my parents and some christmas card waited in my mailbox; a couple of CDs with old swedish folk music and books with old swedish tales. Wonderful!

This year's christmas eve turned out to be the best!

Today, on christmas day, I met Tetsu and since it's his birthday I gave him a necklace. He also made such an amazing amount of happy, wow! Since coming to Japan, I've experienced such a joy of giving people things - and everywhere I go I see stuff I want to give my friends. I want to give more things!
This is bad for my wallet, very bad...

See ya!♥

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