VK-night at CYBER

Why hello there, blog!
I'm sorry I neglected you for so long (2 days!!!!!) but I was just taking a little break.

Yesterday we went to another free live event, at Ikebukuro CYBER. Many bands were playing and all of them were kinda good, while some of them were utterly awesome. Like Karuto☆Fiction for example, oh yes, awesome sauce.

And SWEET MADONNA that I did like but no one else seemed to. They asked if anyone was going to their first oneman and... no one answered. Aw. And the rest of the evening they walked around and looked kinda sad. Aw! Well, since I liked them I bought their single (500yen for that + a poster, haha aw) and also got a ticket for their oneman (that they handed out for free, haha aw), so there'll be at least one person attending their first oneman!

Mhm, then there was this very awesome band that I can't find on teh interwebz which is very annoying. Man. Man, that is annoying!! I wanna see them again damnit.

And MURASAKI that I've got a crush on even though they'd already finished when we arrived.

And and and

See ya!

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