Mysteries of life

There are some things I just can't work out. Things that will never ever make sense to me.
For example:

- How did I lose my fur stole?
- How did Max's jacket end up in my apartment when none of us carried it back from Current?
- Who the hell was the man who just showed up on my doorstep with Jasmine's wallet?


I don't get it.

I also wonder to myself, will the enormous wound on my gums - that I got when I burned it off while eating Sushi's selfmade takoyaki too fast at Current - ever heal, or am I doomed to chew my food on the right side of the mouth for the rest of my life?

I wonder....



As I put on some make up I notice that my hair has gotten quite long. And that my current hairstyle looks so fkn WERID because of my old style.

And that my webcam takes crappy pictures.
Somehow very unflattering too.
...or maybe that's just me.

Then I notice how my title makes sense!
See ya.

And there we have it!

New layout!

Wasn't gonna change it until end of April or some of the like (yes, I had it worked out already) but oh well. Here it is. Hope it works, might do some minor changes later on.



männens ägg

Always wonder if I should post my thoughts about these magazines that I can't stop myself from buying. Y'know? What's going ooooon in men's fashion! Trends and must haves and good looking boys. Hmm... maybe I'll get around to it sometime.


Accidently removed my header.
Don't have the image on this computer and haven't uploaded it anywhyere.


The inspiration....

It's interesting how I never could make up my mind about what kind of style I wanted to have and hovered back and forth between styles, but as soon as I came to Tokyo suddenly knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted to look, and also how I should get it.

Now, if only I was really rich...


Sumo arena and Edo-Tokyo museum

Today I made another field trip with the school, and this time we went to Ryogoku, the place for the huge Ryogoku Kokugikan sumo stadium and the Edo-Tokyo museum!
My camera's battery died as soon as I entered, but luckliy my cell phone's pictures are at least decent. I took so many pictures, so I'll show you some!

The sumo stadium was really nice. A seat in the very far back costs 2'100yen, a seat in the very front rows costs 14'300yen. But you have an amazing view wherever you are.

On the walls are huge paintings of the winners from the last 32 tournaments. Next tournament is in May, I really want to watch, have only watched on TV so far and I really like it.

After the tour in the stadium we headed to the Edo-Tokyo museum who was just next door. I really liked it, there was reallife copies of houses and bridges and what not, then also of course real objects like calligraphy poems, ukiyo-e, handicrafts, samurai armour, etc, etc. I reeeeaaaally liked the Edo-part of the museum.

Ugh I wanna watch Kabuki!

Traditional houses are so beautiful I die.

And I love how they have a special stage for group photos outside.

The exhibitions was kinda small, but oh how I enjoyed it!
Wanna go back.

See ya~!



It may look kinda like something that's already been eaten once, yes, but DAAAAMN IT'S SO GOOD!! Went to eat with Malin and Martin after school today, had fried chicken curry rice just like yesterday, and oh I feel like dancing when eating. A bit like singing too. Shiet, CoCo makes the best curry in Tokyo. And what a joy when me and Jasmine noticed there's a CoCo juuuuust where I live!
Life = ♥



Yes, I was at Current on the friday too. Which means yesterday was the fifth night in a row, eheh.
But saturday was partay night for me! ☆
And after xx drinks I got so drunk, really, I've never been as drunk before! Ever! Damn those tequila shots. But they just kept on coming, so what can you do?
Didn't take so many pictures, but here's some of our nice drunken faces.

Though I'm a bit amazed how both me and Jasmine succeeded to get back to my place when none of us could barely walk. I guess it was the power of the nikuman I ate after leaving Current!
Aah, Current.☆

If you stand around Shinjuku ALTA, a random guy always walk up to you. This time I was a bit drunk already (it was around 24.00 I think) so I went with the flow and gave him my number. Uh... Crap!

When I woke up today I was still drunk.
Ate curry with Jasmine and watched a horror movie before she went home. Now I have to write a speech in Japanese for tomorrow.
See yeah☆


Facts about me

I, as well, do as Maja and give you useful information about me.

I am 19 years old and my name is Ylva. I like my name a lot, although all none-swedish people has huge problems with the pronouncing. I've never got a real nickname that has stuck, but that's allright with me.
The thing I probably love most in this world is chocolate. I don't eat it very often, which makes the pleasure even bigger when I do. One of my favorite books is "Chocolate lovers" filled with quotes about chocolate. I'm not fond of spicy food since I'm weak to it, but I still like Japanese curry rice.
When I was a kid I was obsessed with dinosaurs and my favorite was, and still is, Triceratops.
I was scared of the basement in my house and never really dared to go down alone when it was dark. My sister always always got mad at me because I chickened out every time she wanted us to go exploring outside in the dark. I always, always had the feeling that someone was walking behind me when walking alone or walking last in a group. My mother told me it was an angel but I never believed it.
I have never felt comfortable with the color pink.
Ever since I was small I wanted to be an artist, but when I entered my art high school, that drastically changed and now I have kinda given up on drawing alltogether.
I always have troubles falling asleep, no matter how tired I am, and I sleep very lightly. If the smallest earthquake ever occure, I wake up.
My father makes the most delicious bread in the entire world.
While in Sweden I was often mistaken for a guy, but after moving to Japan, Japanese people always call me cute.
I never played video games as a kid, instead I did PC games like Requiem.
The first time I was in Germany I was 6 years old, and our car broke down in the middle of Autobahn. We were stuck and had to wait for ages for the rescue. I was so excited and it was the most fun happening I ever experienced.
I think back to my time in kindergarten as very joyfull, but the time after that wasn't very pleasant. Moving to Japan was maybe the best descicion I made.
Chocolate x orange and chocolate x banana is heavenly.
I have a dorky smile on my face all the time, and when I don't have it my friends ask me if I'm pissed off.
Although the food itself isn't very tasty on airplanes, I find the packaging extremely amusing.
In high school, I spent most of the brakes in the school library.


Current life

Ended up at Current AGAIN!
Which means the third day in a row. On school days. Mm.

Good thing Masami's doing our homework helping us with the homework!



Just came home from Current and all I want is to go back.

Now then.
Got a major shock when the electricity bill came... having the heater on at night is a big no-no from now on. Which also means that the warm and cozy nights without waking up because I'm freezing to death is a no-no.
I'm getting ready with two quilts and one blanket, let's see if I survive.

(If not, see you in the afterlife!)




Cost: 99 yen


And it's dark already

Sometimes Jasmine's staying over at my apartment when we've been out partying.
This weekend she stayed from friday to today; that's a good thing.
She also showed me a site with lots of Asian horror movies that you can watch online for free; that's also a good thing.
Just now I watched a movie, by myself, in the dark; that's... not a very good thing.
And I need to go out and get groceries!


I ♥ Shinjuku

It went fast, but I said hello and thanks to everyone in D'espairsRay, shaking their hands. Zero was adorable as always, trying so hard to hide his teeth, and Tsukasa started to talk more to me but there was no timmmme and the staff was almost pushing everyone out.

I then walked around Shinjuku, doing some minor shopping such as new fake eye lashes, Ware, arubeki basho with MUCC and the latest issue of Men's egg. I can walk around Shinjuku for ages, watching people and breath in Tokyo; I just really love to be a part of this city.

Time flew by and I noted that Current had opened already, so I went there and found only Sushi around since it was kinda early, though the rest of the crew came in after a little while. Today was a Metal Disco event that would've costed 2 000 yen to get inside, but since I'm a friend of the guys I didn't have to pay and they even gave me a free drink! ☆

Mame, Masami, me, Mogi
and Sushi who's behind the camera taking the picture.

Today I impressed them with my age (19 years?! omgwtfnoway!) and my ability to write an email in Japanese with kanji to Sushi the other day, haha! I also thought it was hilarious that none of them was very fond of the music played at the event.

Yes. This is the best bar in Tokyo and these are the best guys!
Ah, life.♥



Somehow it became an all-nighter at Rock Inn Current again yesterday... I can't believe I've been there four times within a week!
I'm still not fully recovered from my cold, so I wasn't very alert, but it was still fun. It's always fun at Current.

And in an hour I'm gonna go meet D'espairsRay in Shinjuku, I just need to... get out of bed.....

They see me rollin'

I was gonna get pants, but bought a coat and scarf instead, although my real mission was to go to Softbank. I fail! There they are anyway, and they are RAD. It doesn't show on the crappy pics but the coat is actually very shiny. It can also ba worn in multiple ways. And I can't believe I found them for the amazing half price!
That picture is just for show, it's too cold for that, so this is how I really looked.

Coat, scarf: Black Peace Now for men
Shirt, pants, chain, sunglasses: JackRose
Bag: Diavlo
Jewellery: Vivienne Westwood


MAC and BPN but no JackRose, booh.

Went to Harajuku and down to Omotesando Hills to get a new concealer from MAC, I was happy that all the staff was super nice and friendly and a bit surprised that no one had perfect skin.

So I'm gonna present to you:
Quarter Void's make up tips!

- MAC is teh awesome. Get it.

A bit expensive but so. Worth. It.
(Their eyeshadows is the shiet)

I also bought a coat and scarf from Black Peace Now for men, although I intended to buy pants or a shirt from JackRose. BUT IT WAS 50% OFF OKTHNX
Still got the JackRose-issue, though. I get cravings. Cravings!

In other news, school started again today.
And to my surprise it was so much fun!
I've leveled up so I'm in the main building now; new classroom, new teachers, some have left the class and some have joined.

I also noted how my Japanese is better than when I left for the winter holiday, although I actually haven't studied at all for three weeks. I guess it just shows the benefit of studying a language in the actual country. Yes!

See ya!


Went out to get food.
Got lost, wandered around, found my way, wanted to walk more, got lost again.
(If it's possible to get lost when you always can see the Shinjuku skyscrapers in the distance...)
Didn't know this area was so... appealing. In the darkness. HAHA WHAT AM I WRITING!
Although I came home with frozen cheeks and an eerie feeling I don't quite fancy. Next time I go out walking in the middle of the night I'll definately bring my camera.


Ok, I'm a regular now!

Since I'm still not recovered from the cold, I said to myself: Today I'm not getting drunk and I'm going home before the last train!

.....yeah, right.

First went to the small bar in Nakano (where, while waiting outside the station, a suspicious man tried to make me start working as a hostess or whatever) but later on made our way to Current in Shinjuku.
Ah, love that bar; awesome music, nice people and super duper nice bartenders!

Mogi and Masami with his newly broken arm

And somehow, tequila shots kept appearing in front of me, and who was I to say no?
That's why it became an all-nighter anyway.

That's also why I woke up at 16:00 today, with sore throat and no motivation whatsoever to do my homework and study kanji before school starts tomorrow....
Should've bought more nikuman yesterday.

See ya☆


Rock Inn Current



The weekend was crazy! We went to a rock bar in Shinjuku and I think Jasmine might have ruined my life in a very, very good way.
On the Sunday I had the worst hung over of my life (note to self: don't take three tequila shots at once) so the plans to go out again got cancelled. Also realized that I've actually fallen ill, so I guess that was good...
Now I wish someone magically will appear on my doorstep with medicine and food. Please?

PS: The pics are Jasmine's and I miss my PSP I left in Sweden.


Tokyo love

I'm feeling more alive now than I've ever done.
Gets the feeling that moving to Tokyo really was the best decision of my life. Gonna write more later, just gonna live my life a bit more first.


Instant love

A new coordination-picture from the website, nothing special at all really, but nonetheless my heart skipped a beat.
Fuck yeah JackRose, you had me at J.


I did WHAT today?!

For the first time since I moved to Tokyo...
I cooked a meal. In my kitchen.
(Because boiling water for instant noodles doesn't count.)

Only yakisoba, but still!
And on top of it all; I enjoyed cooking it.


She does

The New Year's madness at Shibuya crossing

Mm, and I was in the middle of that!
When I think back, I don't remember it as that crazy and out of control at all, but on the other hand, that might have it's logical explanation, ehum ehum...


No purikura, no life

Is purikura pictures boring to look at?
Well anyway, they're so crazily fun to take!



When the concert was over I headed back to Nakano and met up with Jasmine and Amanda, where we went to a small (as in very small) bar, where Jasmine had been some times when she lived here in the summer.

After some lemon sour and tequila and some free drinks since it was someones birthday, we went for a short karaoke session, then went back to the bar, then Jasmine and Amanda went home but I followed our new Japanese friends to a longer karaoke session. I bonded with one of the guys when singing Daikirai since he also likes MUCC, haha!

All pics are Jasmine's!

Afterwards a few of them invited me to eat nabe with them today, but I don't have their mail or anything so uh, yea ok, haha.

See ya~☆

And oneman at Club Quattro

I woke up on the Sunday and thought that it was gonna be nice to sleep all day, turned around in the bed but suddenly panicked when realized I had a oneman live with And to attend!! Panic panic panic, but I got ready in time and arrived at Club Quattro in Shibuya just a few minutes before the doors opened at 15:00.

I stood in the back where the floor was higher so I saw everything on the stage perfectly, I originally planned to go crazy in the middle, but my head wasn't up for it that day...
Club Quattro is not that big, so the tension got very high.
I love And live, it was just as awesome as when I last saw them in October! Their gigs are so loud and energetic and violent and just wow. This whole agent-thingy is also so fun, haha!

They also revealed their new missions for this year, some new singles, a new album (!), live tours and new concerts... ah, I'm looking forward to it! I just hope they don't become too much like The Gazette in the future, there seem to be a little risk of that happening..
This concert is also gonna be made to a DVD, pretty nice!

But their new look is so cool aslkdjslkgjh


Machida happenings

These past few days it feels like I haven't been home at all! And when I think about it, it's kinda true. When I have, it's basically only to sleep and I've also been to tired to blog about it.

Last friday, the 1st, after having slept like a log the whole day, I went out to Machida to visit Amanda and Ken. Jasmine is staying at their place, and Andy joined us as well; the new year's gang teamed up again. Ken was amazing and had cooked the most delicious new year dinner.♥

We ate and drank and had a really great time, we went to sleep although I got my insomnia again, we took a walk into Machida and checked out the sales at 109, we ate delicious ramen, and suddenly it was all late and saturday evening, so I went home again.

It's crazy how time spent with great company flies by so fast.

See ya~


Happy 2010!☆

I hope I won't sound too sentimental in this entry but, it was by far the best new years eve in my life! I teamed up with Amanda, Ken and Jasmine on the evening, and we started out by going to an izakaya for food and drinks.

After a while Jasmine's friend Andy joined us, so we moved to a bigger table. Time went by fast and when there was an hour left to 2010 we made our way to Shibuya crossing, thinking there'd be a countdown!

The countdown was cancelled for security reasons, but the place were crowded with happy people anyway! No one was sure exactly at what second 2010 started, but that didn't really matter, haha. Yay, happy new year!☆

Our way from the crossing to a karaoke place was insane and took an immense amount of time, because it was so crowded and because we stopped every few meters to hug and high five and take pictures and be happy with all the random people!

And then, karaoke until early morning!

And lastly, we went to Harajuku and Meiji shrine to do prayers and wish for a good year.

After that, everyone was exhausted and hungry, and I had gotten sober again, so we called it a quits and said goodbye! When I arrived at my apartment, the sun was already up.

Whoaaah. This will surely be one of those days I look back at in 20 years and wish I could experience it all over again.♥
See yaaaa☆