And oneman at Club Quattro

I woke up on the Sunday and thought that it was gonna be nice to sleep all day, turned around in the bed but suddenly panicked when realized I had a oneman live with And to attend!! Panic panic panic, but I got ready in time and arrived at Club Quattro in Shibuya just a few minutes before the doors opened at 15:00.

I stood in the back where the floor was higher so I saw everything on the stage perfectly, I originally planned to go crazy in the middle, but my head wasn't up for it that day...
Club Quattro is not that big, so the tension got very high.
I love And live, it was just as awesome as when I last saw them in October! Their gigs are so loud and energetic and violent and just wow. This whole agent-thingy is also so fun, haha!

They also revealed their new missions for this year, some new singles, a new album (!), live tours and new concerts... ah, I'm looking forward to it! I just hope they don't become too much like The Gazette in the future, there seem to be a little risk of that happening..
This concert is also gonna be made to a DVD, pretty nice!

But their new look is so cool aslkdjslkgjh


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