Facts about me

I, as well, do as Maja and give you useful information about me.

I am 19 years old and my name is Ylva. I like my name a lot, although all none-swedish people has huge problems with the pronouncing. I've never got a real nickname that has stuck, but that's allright with me.
The thing I probably love most in this world is chocolate. I don't eat it very often, which makes the pleasure even bigger when I do. One of my favorite books is "Chocolate lovers" filled with quotes about chocolate. I'm not fond of spicy food since I'm weak to it, but I still like Japanese curry rice.
When I was a kid I was obsessed with dinosaurs and my favorite was, and still is, Triceratops.
I was scared of the basement in my house and never really dared to go down alone when it was dark. My sister always always got mad at me because I chickened out every time she wanted us to go exploring outside in the dark. I always, always had the feeling that someone was walking behind me when walking alone or walking last in a group. My mother told me it was an angel but I never believed it.
I have never felt comfortable with the color pink.
Ever since I was small I wanted to be an artist, but when I entered my art high school, that drastically changed and now I have kinda given up on drawing alltogether.
I always have troubles falling asleep, no matter how tired I am, and I sleep very lightly. If the smallest earthquake ever occure, I wake up.
My father makes the most delicious bread in the entire world.
While in Sweden I was often mistaken for a guy, but after moving to Japan, Japanese people always call me cute.
I never played video games as a kid, instead I did PC games like Requiem.
The first time I was in Germany I was 6 years old, and our car broke down in the middle of Autobahn. We were stuck and had to wait for ages for the rescue. I was so excited and it was the most fun happening I ever experienced.
I think back to my time in kindergarten as very joyfull, but the time after that wasn't very pleasant. Moving to Japan was maybe the best descicion I made.
Chocolate x orange and chocolate x banana is heavenly.
I have a dorky smile on my face all the time, and when I don't have it my friends ask me if I'm pissed off.
Although the food itself isn't very tasty on airplanes, I find the packaging extremely amusing.
In high school, I spent most of the brakes in the school library.

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I love... this post, omg. <3 <3 <3 Varför är du så jävla söt för. skjdfh Jag kommer ihåg min FRUSTRATION över din enerverande feghet. Gudars, asså. Inga äventyr för mig idag heller, nehe, jaha. SÅ var det med det.