Happy 2010!☆

I hope I won't sound too sentimental in this entry but, it was by far the best new years eve in my life! I teamed up with Amanda, Ken and Jasmine on the evening, and we started out by going to an izakaya for food and drinks.

After a while Jasmine's friend Andy joined us, so we moved to a bigger table. Time went by fast and when there was an hour left to 2010 we made our way to Shibuya crossing, thinking there'd be a countdown!

The countdown was cancelled for security reasons, but the place were crowded with happy people anyway! No one was sure exactly at what second 2010 started, but that didn't really matter, haha. Yay, happy new year!☆

Our way from the crossing to a karaoke place was insane and took an immense amount of time, because it was so crowded and because we stopped every few meters to hug and high five and take pictures and be happy with all the random people!

And then, karaoke until early morning!

And lastly, we went to Harajuku and Meiji shrine to do prayers and wish for a good year.

After that, everyone was exhausted and hungry, and I had gotten sober again, so we called it a quits and said goodbye! When I arrived at my apartment, the sun was already up.

Whoaaah. This will surely be one of those days I look back at in 20 years and wish I could experience it all over again.♥
See yaaaa☆

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