I ♥ Shinjuku

It went fast, but I said hello and thanks to everyone in D'espairsRay, shaking their hands. Zero was adorable as always, trying so hard to hide his teeth, and Tsukasa started to talk more to me but there was no timmmme and the staff was almost pushing everyone out.

I then walked around Shinjuku, doing some minor shopping such as new fake eye lashes, Ware, arubeki basho with MUCC and the latest issue of Men's egg. I can walk around Shinjuku for ages, watching people and breath in Tokyo; I just really love to be a part of this city.

Time flew by and I noted that Current had opened already, so I went there and found only Sushi around since it was kinda early, though the rest of the crew came in after a little while. Today was a Metal Disco event that would've costed 2 000 yen to get inside, but since I'm a friend of the guys I didn't have to pay and they even gave me a free drink! ☆

Mame, Masami, me, Mogi
and Sushi who's behind the camera taking the picture.

Today I impressed them with my age (19 years?! omgwtfnoway!) and my ability to write an email in Japanese with kanji to Sushi the other day, haha! I also thought it was hilarious that none of them was very fond of the music played at the event.

Yes. This is the best bar in Tokyo and these are the best guys!
Ah, life.♥

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