MAC and BPN but no JackRose, booh.

Went to Harajuku and down to Omotesando Hills to get a new concealer from MAC, I was happy that all the staff was super nice and friendly and a bit surprised that no one had perfect skin.

So I'm gonna present to you:
Quarter Void's make up tips!

- MAC is teh awesome. Get it.

A bit expensive but so. Worth. It.
(Their eyeshadows is the shiet)

I also bought a coat and scarf from Black Peace Now for men, although I intended to buy pants or a shirt from JackRose. BUT IT WAS 50% OFF OKTHNX
Still got the JackRose-issue, though. I get cravings. Cravings!

In other news, school started again today.
And to my surprise it was so much fun!
I've leveled up so I'm in the main building now; new classroom, new teachers, some have left the class and some have joined.

I also noted how my Japanese is better than when I left for the winter holiday, although I actually haven't studied at all for three weeks. I guess it just shows the benefit of studying a language in the actual country. Yes!

See ya!

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I want not agree on it. I regard as precise post. Particularly the title attracted me to review the whole story.

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um.. not sure I get what you're trying to say. you wanted me to write a long review on it..?