Machida happenings

These past few days it feels like I haven't been home at all! And when I think about it, it's kinda true. When I have, it's basically only to sleep and I've also been to tired to blog about it.

Last friday, the 1st, after having slept like a log the whole day, I went out to Machida to visit Amanda and Ken. Jasmine is staying at their place, and Andy joined us as well; the new year's gang teamed up again. Ken was amazing and had cooked the most delicious new year dinner.♥

We ate and drank and had a really great time, we went to sleep although I got my insomnia again, we took a walk into Machida and checked out the sales at 109, we ate delicious ramen, and suddenly it was all late and saturday evening, so I went home again.

It's crazy how time spent with great company flies by so fast.

See ya~

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