Ok, I'm a regular now!

Since I'm still not recovered from the cold, I said to myself: Today I'm not getting drunk and I'm going home before the last train!

.....yeah, right.

First went to the small bar in Nakano (where, while waiting outside the station, a suspicious man tried to make me start working as a hostess or whatever) but later on made our way to Current in Shinjuku.
Ah, love that bar; awesome music, nice people and super duper nice bartenders!

Mogi and Masami with his newly broken arm

And somehow, tequila shots kept appearing in front of me, and who was I to say no?
That's why it became an all-nighter anyway.

That's also why I woke up at 16:00 today, with sore throat and no motivation whatsoever to do my homework and study kanji before school starts tomorrow....
Should've bought more nikuman yesterday.

See ya☆

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