Sumo arena and Edo-Tokyo museum

Today I made another field trip with the school, and this time we went to Ryogoku, the place for the huge Ryogoku Kokugikan sumo stadium and the Edo-Tokyo museum!
My camera's battery died as soon as I entered, but luckliy my cell phone's pictures are at least decent. I took so many pictures, so I'll show you some!

The sumo stadium was really nice. A seat in the very far back costs 2'100yen, a seat in the very front rows costs 14'300yen. But you have an amazing view wherever you are.

On the walls are huge paintings of the winners from the last 32 tournaments. Next tournament is in May, I really want to watch, have only watched on TV so far and I really like it.

After the tour in the stadium we headed to the Edo-Tokyo museum who was just next door. I really liked it, there was reallife copies of houses and bridges and what not, then also of course real objects like calligraphy poems, ukiyo-e, handicrafts, samurai armour, etc, etc. I reeeeaaaally liked the Edo-part of the museum.

Ugh I wanna watch Kabuki!

Traditional houses are so beautiful I die.

And I love how they have a special stage for group photos outside.

The exhibitions was kinda small, but oh how I enjoyed it!
Wanna go back.

See ya~!

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sorgligt att stå ensam på en scen för gruppfoton, ehehehehe! :D