As the title says; my computer broke down.
Well, it's not really broken but it won't start and it's being a total ass and blah blah troublesome urghhhh. No compy for me.

So, mm.
Funny thing is I'm way to happy to be sad about it!
Does it make sense?


Host boys

They are beginning to annoy the shit out of me.
Just... get out of my face. Ok?

Kyokutou Girl Friend live

Went to see Kyokutou Girl Friend at HOLIDAY Shinjuku, in Kabuki-chou. It was a free live, to celebrate their first album, high five to that! Kinda small place, but with a great atmosphere. Worth noticing is also that there was a lot of male fans in the audience.

Hnn, what can I say besides 'awesome' and 'amazing'...
They are awesome!
(I suck.)

I was puzzled though; at some songs I found myself thinking that I prefer to listen to their records instead of lives, but... mostly, pure awesome.
I also got a bit surprised that they didn't to any MC at all! ...until the 2nd encore where the singer said thanks and so on. And at the 3rd (!) encore, everyone had reeeaaally big smiles on their faces! Whoah!

So go see them if you have the chance!

See yayaya

Fuck yes Nakano!

Did you know that Nakano (中野) is awesome?
Well if you didn't...
now you do!


When you wake up and someone puts a plate of newly made curry in your hands, that. Is awesome.


Bull's cafe

On saturday me, Jasmine and Max returned to the small bar in Nakano, where there's only regulars and everyone knows everyone and everything is made of win.

There was a Makoto who had an excellent taste in shoes! Just eeexcellent!

And a Yutaka (to the right) who suddenly said "Vem vare som kasta? Vad ska jag göra med min fucking skjorta?"

And outside, there was antichrist Sweden.

See ya !

Going out

What, an outfitpicture?

Shirt, jacket, boots: JackRose
Necklace, pants: SEX POT ReVeNGe
Bag: Diavlo
Plastic bag: Family Mart


Birthday partay in Kabuki-chou

Got invited to an unknown party with unknown people by a lovely pair I met at Current some week ago. Chihiro met me outside of Donki and we went to the small (very small) bar in Kabuki-chou, and during the walk she enlightened me that it was a birthday party!
There was cake
and karaoke
and drinks
and so many awesome people!

I still get amazed at how many awesome people there is in this city.

I'm so happy she invited me.

Somehow made my way home
passed out for a few hours
woke up
went to school.

Life as it should be?

Here's a pic with high contrast to raise my self-esteem yay!



a light

Was gonna write something like "Now how did I end up with this many lighters?" but stopped in the middle of it since I actually know exactly how I got each one of them.

And the one shaped as a nail polish is a great party trick haha☆


One of those moments

You know when you had a crush on a certain guy, and things started looked really bright for a while back there, but then it didn't look as bright anymore and you realize that Something More won't ever happen, and therefore easily decides to just give up since it was just a crush after all, and then you lie in you're bed reading at home and it's getting late, and you're starting to freeze for real because the heater is messed up since the on-off button doesn't work for some reason, and it's raining outside, so you start to think about how nice it would be to have someone warm next to you, and suddenly you come to think of the previously mentioned guy and it starts to feel hopelessly empty inside, and you get a sudden realization that maybe what you felt back then was more than just a silly crush and that you in fact just had your heart a little bit broken?
I think I maybe just had a moment like that.
I, who should be studying kanji.


I'm living in Tokyo!

Just sayin'!
Cuz you know... sometimes it just hits me.
And I get equally happy every time it does.☆

I just wish I could stop spacing out so much now and then, it'd sure make things at home go faster.
Like for example, getting dressed in the morning.
Or getting out of the shower.
But other than that, I'm pretty satisfied with everything, yep.

With all of that said, here; have a random picture from last Wednesday!

See ya~!

Recent things

Things happen, they sure do.
They happen and I have become a lazy blogger.
For example:

School. As usual.

Super rare D'espairsRay demo tape for 58'000 yen. (4'700 SEK)

Ridiculous purikura.

Celebration of Emelie's 19th birthday at Current.

...and a few more other visits to Current, ehum.

Felt incredibly misplaced at a para para club in Kabuki-chou (Shinjuku).

Valentine's day spent hung over with Jasmine eating curry and watching horror movies.

My love for this city grows stronger for each day that pass.

Oh, and the heels?
Yea, they did their thing allright!☆


Mission complete

I'm so gonna kill myself in these.


In H&M we trust

Snakeskin pattern.

Yyyyyyeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!! is what I like to say about that.
Good ol' H&M, I knew I could trust you ♥

Next mission: HEELS



I need new sneakers!
(Or, to be honest, I reallyreallyreally want new sneakers, but that's basically the same thing, right? Right.)

And if I could decide just like that,
I'd go and grab these bad boys from JackRose:

Or perhaps these lovelies from Buffalo Bobs:

But then I think closer about the matter and conclude that it's probably best to get sneakers in women's size so my feet won't look twice as big.

And then I see these boots from Sabgreed by ESPE and suddenly forgets the sneakers for a little while:



Master of advance planning

I got too fkn wasted yesterday.
Tooooo many drinks.
But needless to say, yesterday was awesome!

I don't remember how I got myself home at all, but when I woke up I found a bag with a newly bought box lunch and nikuman next to my bed. I must really love myself!!

Tokyo Tower

Yea boy!
Isn't it beautiful?
It was a perfect day with perfect weather, and from the top I had an amazing view.

All the way to the horizon

But Fuji-san was hiding behind a cloud

I fkn love this city.

Want to go up when it's dark as well

Afterwards we went to Midtown in Roppongi to eat, and at a fancy kaiten sushi restaurant I had the most delicious tuna ever. Oh my, oh my.

Tokyo Tower was awesome!
See ya


Maruione findings

Went to Maruione in Shinjuku after school with a mission to get a new winter stole since I magically has lost both of mine, but I left the building with a shirt and a cardigan instead.


Well. This time it made sense though; since the spring collections has started to appear, winter items are fading out, naturally.
Checked out the sales at Black Peace Now and found a cardigan, that looks silly on the hanger but awesome while worn, for 70% less! Which makes it a crime not to buy it. Yes.

Also, a shirt from NAOTO SEVEN that's just utterly awesome from any angle I look at it.

When asking for a bit help at h.NAOTO, the staff showed me a scarf that was big but in a light material with fringes in a distorted pattern.
"This is very grotesque!" she told me, and while taking a closer look I noticed that the fringes were in fact cut in the shapes of different people being hanged from the neck.
Instant want!!!
...but I wasn't in the mood to pay 21'000 yen (1'800 SEK) for a scarf.
Which still leaves me in an immediate need of a winter stole.

Tomorrow I'm going to do a tourist activity for the first time in ages, can't help but feel a bit excited. See yaaaaaaaaa

You did well!

When you' ve performed well on a test, the satisfaction just gets so much bigger when you get a Totoro stamp from the teacher.



Feels like another cold is on it's way, and I know exactly why.
It's been some really cold nights lately.
I wan't to save money so I don't keep the heater on at night.
Some month ago I lost my good ol' knitted scarf from H&M, and last friday I lost my precious fur stole.
Ice cold nights + sleeping with no scarf = getting a cold.

Today I felt so sickly that I didn't wore my contacts.
And that means that it's serious business!

Bought a 105yen-scarf that I can wear while sleeping.

Oh, and,
the other day I bought a flattening iron at Donki (for my bangs) for just under 2'000 yen (150 SEK) and it's awesommmmme. Cheap = yay!

Now I'm hungry. (Again.)
See ya☆



It's snowing in Tokyo!
And it's snowing a lot!

I wonder if it will still be there in the morning.

Food party

Yesterday was a food party at Current; all you can eat!
And oh, I ate allright.
Takoyaki, curry rice, chicken soup, taco rice, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, unidentified sausage-thing, curry muffin, banana cake with ice cream, and oh, did I mention takoyaki? Takoyaki is heavenly. Both Mame and Sushi made takoyaki and oh my, I just can't believe how tasty it is!
I also really wasn't going to drink but then our friend Hiroshi came in, and that means only one thing: the drinks just kept on coming.

Today in school was urghlslkjd.
Lesson learned: don't go out heavy drinking when the next day is a school day.


See ya~!