Kyokutou Girl Friend live

Went to see Kyokutou Girl Friend at HOLIDAY Shinjuku, in Kabuki-chou. It was a free live, to celebrate their first album, high five to that! Kinda small place, but with a great atmosphere. Worth noticing is also that there was a lot of male fans in the audience.

Hnn, what can I say besides 'awesome' and 'amazing'...
They are awesome!
(I suck.)

I was puzzled though; at some songs I found myself thinking that I prefer to listen to their records instead of lives, but... mostly, pure awesome.
I also got a bit surprised that they didn't to any MC at all! ...until the 2nd encore where the singer said thanks and so on. And at the 3rd (!) encore, everyone had reeeaaally big smiles on their faces! Whoah!

So go see them if you have the chance!

See yayaya

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