Maruione findings

Went to Maruione in Shinjuku after school with a mission to get a new winter stole since I magically has lost both of mine, but I left the building with a shirt and a cardigan instead.


Well. This time it made sense though; since the spring collections has started to appear, winter items are fading out, naturally.
Checked out the sales at Black Peace Now and found a cardigan, that looks silly on the hanger but awesome while worn, for 70% less! Which makes it a crime not to buy it. Yes.

Also, a shirt from NAOTO SEVEN that's just utterly awesome from any angle I look at it.

When asking for a bit help at h.NAOTO, the staff showed me a scarf that was big but in a light material with fringes in a distorted pattern.
"This is very grotesque!" she told me, and while taking a closer look I noticed that the fringes were in fact cut in the shapes of different people being hanged from the neck.
Instant want!!!
...but I wasn't in the mood to pay 21'000 yen (1'800 SEK) for a scarf.
Which still leaves me in an immediate need of a winter stole.

Tomorrow I'm going to do a tourist activity for the first time in ages, can't help but feel a bit excited. See yaaaaaaaaa

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