One of those moments

You know when you had a crush on a certain guy, and things started looked really bright for a while back there, but then it didn't look as bright anymore and you realize that Something More won't ever happen, and therefore easily decides to just give up since it was just a crush after all, and then you lie in you're bed reading at home and it's getting late, and you're starting to freeze for real because the heater is messed up since the on-off button doesn't work for some reason, and it's raining outside, so you start to think about how nice it would be to have someone warm next to you, and suddenly you come to think of the previously mentioned guy and it starts to feel hopelessly empty inside, and you get a sudden realization that maybe what you felt back then was more than just a silly crush and that you in fact just had your heart a little bit broken?
I think I maybe just had a moment like that.
I, who should be studying kanji.

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Bella さんのコメント...

My heater works but I had that feeling too, it sucks I know.

Malin さんのコメント...

I know how you feel! .__. Jag ska köpa en kaka till dig idag. <3