It's funny how I just a year ago or so never felt comfortable without bangs covering all of my face and never thought I could live without it.
But just look at me now...
Ah, life.

JackRose sweetness

Wait what, you thought I'd forgot about my one true love?
Ooooh no.
Let me tell you about a lovely reunion that took place almost a month ago.

That time I walked straight up to the 2nd floor, not passing through the 1st as I use to. The staff upstairs greeted me with a huge smile and a happy "Welcome back!!!" so I pretended that I recognized him to. Eheh... no memory of him, but yah.

It was kinda funny how much he complimented me this time; the male staff always flirt with you, but this was.... wao! He even went as far as to ask if I had a boyfriend!
Hm... maybe if I marry him I'll get discount....

Of course I already knew what I wanted but I pretended not to so I could spend longer time in the store, silly as I am, hurr hurr.
So after some time, I ended up with this bad boi:

A parka, that kinda looks like a jacket that kinda looks a bit like leather or some of the sort. Is gonna be so nice when the weather decides to get a bit warmer again. Mhmhm this item is my no.1 favorite for sure, my heart skips a beat when I look at it.

Annnnnnd a necklace!

There was also some campain going on giving me double points on my member's card! Ohlala, soon it's time for the free 5'000yen I presume!

Oh and the spring collection catalogue, mmmm.

I actually got a free t-shirt too!
Got a bit excited, another JackRose-item, for free yay!
Opened up the package and took out a black t-shirt.
Yep, a black t-shirt, end of story.
Well... at least it says JackRose on the tag, haha!

Now that's how happy you can look.

Hnnnn, ok, I'm done with my ranting for now.
Feels like it's time for another visit soon, though... mmmm.

Peace out☆

I like it, oh

Two things about the current men's fashion I like:

- overalls

- shorts with leggings

No, no sarcasm here!
I like what I see, on the streets of Tokyo~!
Some guys can just pull it off soooo nice.

Shinjuku tuesday

Shinjuku kouen and sakura frappuchino.☆



Got a pair of circle lenses, and they are teriffic in all ways possible!
gonna write more about them when i get a computer.

so long!(^_-)〜☆

Two gigs to look forward to

Living dead

Tired like a I dont know what at the izakaya tonight.

after recovering from the cold, ive spent this week making up for lost time, with lovely friends and... a few drinks.

yes! spring holiday♪


Cultural differences

After a restaurant, an izakaya, in the karaoke room...the hour is late,

all the swedish people are still up singing.
all the japanese people are... dead!

lordy lord!
happy days☆



So I went out In the rain to get 9goats new album.

Had high expectations on this one, oh yes I had. Listened to it and thought that waooo these bad boys sure doesn't disappoint me!

Can't really decide on which song I like best... I guess all of 'em.
Oh yes. Great album. Ylva seal of approval on that one.

Now I really wanna sing their songs at the karaoke tonight!

But damn is it raining hard or what.



Kinda recovered from the cold, but my eyes still hurt like crap.

didnt care and went out bowling yesterday anyway.

guess ill wear sunglasses for a few more days!


Merry days

The other week I got money again, so I celebrated by getting a CD.

I like how I still got a postcard set and a sticker, although it was 2 years ago the album in question was released.

That's why you should get your music at Jishuban!


Melon soda!!

It should be illegal to stay inside when it's such a nice, suny, 20 c spring day in Tokyo. But since my cold came with a nasty eye inflammation, there's not much to do about that. Instead, I try out the Melon Soda that's a newcomer in the vending machine outside my house!



Spring break and thoughts


Half a year passed.
Which leaves me with half a year left...
(I'm great at math, yes.)

So what will I do after this one year in Tokyo?
I kinda don't want to leave this country, I've created a new life here with new wonderful friends and everything, and back in Sweden is.... nothing. Well, save for dear family and old friends. So what will I dooowhatwhatldkjslkdgj let's just change the subject for a while.

I currently have my hands on Jasmine's computer!
Writing long texts on my keitai phone is troublesome.
She's out partaying, while I'm here in my bed with the cold of the year, urghhh... If my eyes ever wanted to leave my body, I swear they think this is the right time, bleh.
Just in time for the spring break too!
So many final exams this week.... wao!
So when school starts again there will be new classmates and new teachers.

Hnnnnmmm.... I feel that I've missed blogging!
Maybe I've gotten worse. Probably.
Well, what can you do!
My computer is still down, but a solution is on it's way---!

Hang on!

Hm... I wonder...
What can I blog about in the meantime...

Until next time!


Living dead

Can't believe i dragged myself to school today. it should be illegal!
well. only 4 hours left until i can drag myself home again and die a bit.
well... at least it's spring!



together with some usual ads in the mailbox i recieve a postcard from h.NAOTO giving me 10% off.

well hello!


There is no way I feel like blogging about everithing thats happened during this time..

like the JackRose staff who suddenly asked if i had a boyfriend, hurr hurr.♪


Sense. It makes it.

Not so fun to go to school when so ill you feel like fainting... oh well.
what can you do!


Hey whats up

I just realized...

mobile blogging!

get ready, guys.


Good times!

- Played violin last friday for the first time in half a year since Atsushi dragged me to a violin shop. How I've missed it!

- Has spent a very relaxing weekend at Junko's house in Machida, and got to speak incredibly polite Japanese all the time.

- Went to Hiroshi's gig in Kichijouji, awesomely awesome!

- Ate takoyaki for breakfast the other day.

- Computer is still not fixed urghl.

- And so on.☆ Good times!