JackRose sweetness

Wait what, you thought I'd forgot about my one true love?
Ooooh no.
Let me tell you about a lovely reunion that took place almost a month ago.

That time I walked straight up to the 2nd floor, not passing through the 1st as I use to. The staff upstairs greeted me with a huge smile and a happy "Welcome back!!!" so I pretended that I recognized him to. Eheh... no memory of him, but yah.

It was kinda funny how much he complimented me this time; the male staff always flirt with you, but this was.... wao! He even went as far as to ask if I had a boyfriend!
Hm... maybe if I marry him I'll get discount....

Of course I already knew what I wanted but I pretended not to so I could spend longer time in the store, silly as I am, hurr hurr.
So after some time, I ended up with this bad boi:

A parka, that kinda looks like a jacket that kinda looks a bit like leather or some of the sort. Is gonna be so nice when the weather decides to get a bit warmer again. Mhmhm this item is my no.1 favorite for sure, my heart skips a beat when I look at it.

Annnnnnd a necklace!

There was also some campain going on giving me double points on my member's card! Ohlala, soon it's time for the free 5'000yen I presume!

Oh and the spring collection catalogue, mmmm.

I actually got a free t-shirt too!
Got a bit excited, another JackRose-item, for free yay!
Opened up the package and took out a black t-shirt.
Yep, a black t-shirt, end of story.
Well... at least it says JackRose on the tag, haha!

Now that's how happy you can look.

Hnnnn, ok, I'm done with my ranting for now.
Feels like it's time for another visit soon, though... mmmm.

Peace out☆

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