Spring break and thoughts


Half a year passed.
Which leaves me with half a year left...
(I'm great at math, yes.)

So what will I do after this one year in Tokyo?
I kinda don't want to leave this country, I've created a new life here with new wonderful friends and everything, and back in Sweden is.... nothing. Well, save for dear family and old friends. So what will I dooowhatwhatldkjslkdgj let's just change the subject for a while.

I currently have my hands on Jasmine's computer!
Writing long texts on my keitai phone is troublesome.
She's out partaying, while I'm here in my bed with the cold of the year, urghhh... If my eyes ever wanted to leave my body, I swear they think this is the right time, bleh.
Just in time for the spring break too!
So many final exams this week.... wao!
So when school starts again there will be new classmates and new teachers.

Hnnnnmmm.... I feel that I've missed blogging!
Maybe I've gotten worse. Probably.
Well, what can you do!
My computer is still down, but a solution is on it's way---!

Hang on!

Hm... I wonder...
What can I blog about in the meantime...

Until next time!

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