Who is my boss?

Best. Commercial. Ever.
I kinda feel like changing from Softbank to docomo just because of this.
And I can't wait 11 days to find out who it is.

...I'm just. Not so glad he, this time, says that his boss is much more beautiful.
In my face, hah!

To the website clicky here
(Write your name in Japanese katakana characters. He will say that you're not his boss, there's a few different ways.)


Bonkura hanami

I find it equally interesting when I find new pictures from the hanami at people's mixi.
Apparently, I stood up to pose for a group picture after it had gotten dark.
You learn new things every day!

Hello Gackt

All over Shinjuku station.
Yep, everywhere actually!
Can't say I have anything against that really.

Entry devoted to Emelina.

BEAMS osake

At the small (as in SMALL) bar where I had the strongest cassis soda I've ever had in my entire life, where the awesome bartender who was so fun to talk to always said he had no money, though he in fact is dirty rich and is owner of a million brands and only has the bar as a hobby, he said when the regulars had fallen asleep and gave out his real businesscard.

Mitaka, yep. At 4.30 in the morning, not so many people around.

Except the ashtrays!

At a bar in Mitaka



Another Harajuku sunday

I love Harajuku.
Harajuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku is where I prefer to do my shopping, but I like the atmosphere in Harajuku most. They are only one or two station away from each other, but still so different! Shibuya is mostly gyaru's, gyaru-o's and bright neon lights. Harajuku is... I don't know but, it feels more... creative! Here you find all kinds of people, with all kind of styles, no matter what style you like you'll find a huge portion of it in Harajuku. There's the big streets with expensive brands and fast fashion brands, and the small back streets with indie designers and small underground shops. (And not to be forgotten, my favorite JackRose store on my favorite gyaru-o fashion back street, hurr) Don't get me wrong, I love (love!) Shibuya and the like too, but Harajuku is, there's, uh, how to say, there's a different... air.
I think.

And, notice how they've tored down the big house where GAP used to be? I wonder what's coming up next.

I also found the place where the kids buy their Visual kei cosplay clothing....

At the Laforet crossing, there was a webb-tv live broadcasting going on... called Japan Gangsta. They asked people on the street who looked GANGSTA to come in and be interviewed. And guess who were asked to go in?
I'm just gonna say this again: Japan Gangsta!
But yes, there were some reeeaaally tough looking guys in there, no shit. Which is why I find it hilarious that Johan got interviewed; "Have you ever done drugs?" "Um... no?"

Oh Japan, you are teh awesome.

Taiko concert

On sunday I met up with some friends to go see a concert with taiko drums in the concert hall of the Edo-Tokyo museum in Ryogoku. The group is called WarakuDaiko, and is actually open for people of any age and nationality to join. It was a happy group of people who all were really good! Though I must say I was hoping for some more... srz business, so to speak. But it was fun, I enjoyed it!

Hello crappy ass sound.
The leader and teacher Yukihiro Miyauchi (the man on the chair) is a pro taiko player and seemed to be somewhat of a legend, people were all over him when the concert was over, although I've never heard of him. I should do some research.


At Jonathan's the second day in a row... their food is calling out to me.



Just people.

In Harajuku today.

Now: dead.


Yesterday at the club was.... wild. Really. Fun! But... I need info about what happened. That's how wild it was.

Today was a cooler evening at Current. Met long-time-no-see-friends, and made new friends. Like Himawari, former drummer of Sex Machineguns! He sure is one crazy ass person. Love it!

Also, had my hair up! Which is worth mentioning since I haven't done that in... well... never actually. Because I hate my face, haha. But not today woho!



What what what help

Looks around for eventual future life choices, and found one that actually seems kinda fun. (Though I still have NO idea what I really want to do with my life.)
Then I wonder... do I want to stay? Do I want to go back to Sweden? I don't know. As my sister said, I left at the point in life where you really start to build up your life, and that's kinda what I've done... in Tokyo.
I can feel that I want to stay in the country longer, but do I want to stay in Japan forever? I don't know. I don't know I don't know owowoI don'tknoooowaaaaahadlkfjsldkgjslfkhjjhj


Omg shoes


My insomnia has kicked in again and today was a bit painful since I felt like fainting all the time. Oh well. I've bought lots of delicious fruit (and why is it so expensive uh), gonna dig in, nomnom. And hope that I get a good nights sleep! Wish me luck!


2nd hand heaven

Last week while taking a walk to Shinjuku from my school, I spotted an interesting sign outside one of the Closet Child.
And! Oh my lordy lord!
They've opened a part with second hand clothings of gyaru-o brands! Shibuya-styleblabla men's clothing! Brands like Buffalo Bobs, Fuga, Diavlo, Glad News, Lagust, Vanquish, Sixh., and other brands I really fancy! JackRose too, although I really prefer to get that from the Harajuku store, heh....

Went there again today. They actually have a pretty nice collection! Wanted to get too many things, ended up with a vest from Glad News. The original tag was still there, informing me that I'd saved 8000 yen by getting it second hand! Ohlala!

This is great news for my wallet---!
I just wish they had shoes in my size...


Updates: shopping and para para

Here's what was hiding in the shoppingbags:

A chain from Diavlo, to pimp my bag. Made for each other!

An assymetric, kinda transparent, black x silver shirt from Black Peace Now for men. Love the different sleeves!

Also, today after school I got new black sneakers, Vans actually, can you believe it. With sequins yaaay! Pictures some other day if I feel like it.

Oh and yesterday, I went yet again to a para para club, a really big one this time in Roppongi. But actually, it was a blast! Had a really good time. Hope to post more pictures if I get my hands on any!

Ugh, why do I meet new people who invite me to the darn clubs... And why do I like them so much that I want to go... Mmmgh....
Oh well!

Tomorrow big test.


Curry life

Everyone loves curry!



I did it again

I just cant... not. shop. im the worst at no-shopping!

oh well!
my wallet is the only one that gets a bit sad, but i choose not to listen♪


たこ焼き食べに行こう!Let's go eat takoyaki!

Met with Emelie after school for a shopping afternoon in Shinjuku!
Although... the main mission was to eat takoyaki, hurrr.
There's a reeeaaally nice takoyaki bar in Kabuki-chou, pretty cheap too. Mmm.

We then went to ALTA and spinned around there for a while. Naturally got stuck at Diavlo, fell in love with too many things as usual. Ended up with a new bag, t-shirt and a pair of earrings. Lots of points on my pointcard! Need to get something to pimp by bag though.

After some more walking around (eyed a pair of shoes I might buy) and a pause at Starbucks with a chai tea latte and a macaron, we split up and went home due to me being kinda dead. And why is it so cold outside!


Return to the current

Yesterday was a nice day.

After having a bite to eat and some walking around Shinjuku with Max, we went to B1dynamite!!, a para para club in Kabuki-cho. It was fun, but, yea, you know me and para para isn't the best combination. Nice meeting the people I've got to know though.

The club ended at 11:30, but I'd gotten too drunk to go home so I decided to go to Current, although Max took his last train.
Been a long time since I was there, people told me they'd missed me!

Met the new bartender Emma (is Japanese, but.), talked to her all night. She's so nice, and so. Hot.

Met a guy who's a singer for Cirque de Soleil! Awesome voice.

Had a long and good talk with DJ Vosxyu (ugh spelling. Pronounce "Boshu") and bonded with him a lot. He later played lynch. and Samurai Champloo soundtrack for me. Happy!

Found out that a friend of mine is best friends with Aggy from DELUHI. It's a small world! At least a small Tokyo.

So... Although not planned, it became an allnighter.
But I'm young and careless so it's ok.

The para para trap

Para para is something I don't like.
Hate is a too strong word, but. I just... don't get it.

That's why it's funny that I've somehow ended up in para para clubs, and four different one at that. I don't mind the clubbing part; meeting new fun people and people you don't know suddenly putting tequila shots in your hands, but...
Doesn't fancy the music, doesn't dance.

Why I have a member's card in my wallet for two major clubs is... well... I don't know.
Hahaha, life...


Oh no!

Only one person is allowed in the toilet!

/random entry

Just a little bit tokyo


I just loooove the cake

I went with Johan to Sweet's Paradise in Harajuku.
It's just as wonderful as it sounds... A paradise if you like cake. Which I do.
You pay at an automat and get 70minutes of all you can eat cake buffet! Ice cream, traditional Japanese sweets, chocolate fountain and some fruit salad as well. (Did I mention chocolate fountain??) They have regular food as well, but that's... not so important.

Must... eat more.... cake.... urrghhllll.......
I seriously got high on sugar. So full! And sayonara to my waist... Worth it?

Harajuku not-so-interesting-but-I-likey-rooftops.
This weekend has been sunny 25c making my apartment to a sauna, but today was 10c with heavy rain, making it an ice cube again. Weather, will you decide already??

After eating a mountain of cake we went to Johan's place and played the new Super Mario on Wii! Fun times!


The lovestory continues

This needs a separate entry because I'm lame like that, hurrrr.

Since I was found myself in Harajuku today I couldn't help but to pop in to JackRose. Of course! A spontaneous visit meaning I didn't have any plans to buy something... from the beginning, that is...

This time none of the staff that use to assist me was in the store, the guy who helped me was young and probably new (haven't seen him before) and since I was with Johan he naturally assumed that my male friend was the customer, but understood pretty quickly that wasn't the case. And got happy surprised when I took out my member's card haha...

This time I eyed something at the first floor and not at Luv Maison on the second where I've got most of my buys lately. A hoodie with short arms! Simple, but stylish. It also says JackRose - real style on it, hahaha.

Mmm lovely. You know? I might be shallow but it feels so good! Nah, this is more than just a shallow crush; this is a deep, passionate love. Mmmm.
Now it's also confirmed: I can't walk into that store without buying something. It's just.... mentally and physically impossible!! Once I left without buying something, but that's because I reserved it and came back the next day to get it... I'm powerless, ugh.♥

Oh, and I might have found the perfect job for me... I wonder if they accept foreigners to work in the store, hahaha... hah.... hahaa... aa.........



Gonna head out for yet another night with izakaya and karaoke.
In the meantime, here's the sakura tree outside my balcony!


Review: Circle grey black

Circle lenses!
Thought I'd write a line or two about them.
Although it's not the original pair I bought but a second different pair, and since I like these better I don't bother to write about the first ones since they are a bit alike.

The brand is called Vassen and the product name is Circle Grey Black.
(.....I think.)
Diameter is 14.5 mm, making a big enlarging effect.
I chose grey because my own eye color is gray-ish (or rather, gray/blue/green/yellow/dunno/blabla) and so I personally think the effect becomes kinda natural!

With and without:

Very comfortable, despite the big size.
Feels a bit dry though, might need eye drops for sensitive eyes if using for a long time (10+ hours or so). Other than that, perfectly happy with the result!

I'll give them.... 5/5!
Cuz I think they're awesome.
Next time I might try some funky color!

That is all.
Sorry if this review lacks... lots of things. I'm not so good at these sorta things.
See yaaaaaaa


Lynch. oneman (and other stuff)

I'm tired and a bit sad since my parents has left the country to return to Sweden, but I've had a splendid week together with them.
Realized that I, even though I haven't felt it for 6 months, have missed them.

Went to a gig with Lynch. after school, at Club Quattro in Shibuya!
My first oneman with them, although it was my third time to see them live.
What can I say? They are so awesome live, their recorded songs really really really can't compare to the songs played live on stage. And my heart was beating so hard during Lizard, mmm favourite song yes.
Oh and people really goes crazy, everyone headbanged their asses off, and if moshpits and diving wasn't forbidden I guess they would've tilted the whole building.
Wanna go soon again, but there will not be many gigs from now on, since they announced that they're gonna focus on writing new songs yay!

Gonna throw in a random kinda old picture because this awesome band is awesome and tattooed arms are hot.

And, although it can't be seen in the picture, Hazuki's voice is pure bliss.
He can shout at my doorstep any day.


Hmmya, the postman drastically woke me up this morning by banging on my door shouting "OHAYO GOZAIMAAAAAASU" (good morning) and since I got a heart attack I didn't want to open. Also because I was in my pyjamas, but. Yea. Called the post office so I'll get it tomorrow instead.

At the hanami last Sunday I somehow lost my Vivienne Westwood armour ring.
Not. Happy. With that.

This entry was supposed to just be about the super amazing awesome Lynch. gig I attended that ended just a little over an hour ago... but just see how that went.

Lynch. is such a great liveband. A must see. Got it?
Good night.


Kabuki heaven

Today I went to Ginza and watched Kabuki at the big theatre (Kabuki-za, 歌舞伎座) and I'm gonna have to be short about this so I won't go on forever on how wonderful it was. The performance goes on the whole day, divided into three parts. I went to the first one, who also is divided into three; first a kind of introductional performance, then a longer theatre play, and lastly a dance performance.

I had an English guide so that I easy understood the storyline, and I really didn't find it boring at all. The actors, stage costumes, make up, dances, poses, and music are all breathtaking! I kinda jizzed in my pants because it was so beautiful and wah waaah aldkfjskldgj etc.
Of course taking pictures was strictly forbidden, but here's an image of the actors from the dance performance.

I so wanna watch again, although this is actually the last month of plays before Kabuki-za closes for a million years due to repairs and rebuilding...

Afterwards we wandered about Ginza, and then ate sushi at a famous place. (The line outside was 10m or so...) So. Tasty. Yumyumyum.

I like Ginza although it's... out of my league, so to speak. Here's a pretty sakura tree outside Mikimoto where you can buy a pearl necklace for 7'000'000 yen. Ohlala!



Hanami in Ueno

Hanami = sitting under the sakura trees admiring it's beauty drinking.
And Ueno kouen is one of the most famous places for that!

Happy days!
Afterwards I somehow went with the flow and followed the gang to a para para club in Roppongi. Not that I dance, and not that I like the music, but... it was fun!
Woho partay!

Matsumoto castle

This saturday I went to Matsumoto to visit the castle! (松本城)
Matsumoto is 2 km from Nagano, 2,5 hours with express train from Tokyo.

The city felt empty; I've gotten used to the always crowded Tokyo.

The castle was so beautiful!
The building is so impressive and the location is just perfect, surrounded by the Japanese alps. The inside of the castle was interesting and I got a little workout by climbing all the steep stairs, haha.
Took four billion pictures of it from every angle possible... Here's some!

And on the way home to Tokyo there was a clear view of Fuji-san.
Juuuust beautiful.
I enjoyed seeing the countryside of Japan!