2nd hand heaven

Last week while taking a walk to Shinjuku from my school, I spotted an interesting sign outside one of the Closet Child.
And! Oh my lordy lord!
They've opened a part with second hand clothings of gyaru-o brands! Shibuya-styleblabla men's clothing! Brands like Buffalo Bobs, Fuga, Diavlo, Glad News, Lagust, Vanquish, Sixh., and other brands I really fancy! JackRose too, although I really prefer to get that from the Harajuku store, heh....

Went there again today. They actually have a pretty nice collection! Wanted to get too many things, ended up with a vest from Glad News. The original tag was still there, informing me that I'd saved 8000 yen by getting it second hand! Ohlala!

This is great news for my wallet---!
I just wish they had shoes in my size...

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さらまり さんのコメント...

Oh that's really cool they added that new section, thanks for sharing the info!

The vest you got is very cool, you are always buying the most cool stuff^^

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Of course!
And thanks! I try my best :D