I just loooove the cake

I went with Johan to Sweet's Paradise in Harajuku.
It's just as wonderful as it sounds... A paradise if you like cake. Which I do.
You pay at an automat and get 70minutes of all you can eat cake buffet! Ice cream, traditional Japanese sweets, chocolate fountain and some fruit salad as well. (Did I mention chocolate fountain??) They have regular food as well, but that's... not so important.

Must... eat more.... cake.... urrghhllll.......
I seriously got high on sugar. So full! And sayonara to my waist... Worth it?

Harajuku not-so-interesting-but-I-likey-rooftops.
This weekend has been sunny 25c making my apartment to a sauna, but today was 10c with heavy rain, making it an ice cube again. Weather, will you decide already??

After eating a mountain of cake we went to Johan's place and played the new Super Mario on Wii! Fun times!


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Maja さんのコメント...

Oooohhhh we have to go there. Every day.

zoo-bie さんのコメント...

OMG, I'm SO going there.

vicky さんのコメント...

may I ask the directions to get there? been searching that place for ages .. but never found it.

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

from the station you walk almost to the end at takeshita doori, keep your eyes up high and you'll see a red sign. walk through the small mall on your right and walk up the stairs to the third floor.