Kabuki heaven

Today I went to Ginza and watched Kabuki at the big theatre (Kabuki-za, 歌舞伎座) and I'm gonna have to be short about this so I won't go on forever on how wonderful it was. The performance goes on the whole day, divided into three parts. I went to the first one, who also is divided into three; first a kind of introductional performance, then a longer theatre play, and lastly a dance performance.

I had an English guide so that I easy understood the storyline, and I really didn't find it boring at all. The actors, stage costumes, make up, dances, poses, and music are all breathtaking! I kinda jizzed in my pants because it was so beautiful and wah waaah aldkfjskldgj etc.
Of course taking pictures was strictly forbidden, but here's an image of the actors from the dance performance.

I so wanna watch again, although this is actually the last month of plays before Kabuki-za closes for a million years due to repairs and rebuilding...

Afterwards we wandered about Ginza, and then ate sushi at a famous place. (The line outside was 10m or so...) So. Tasty. Yumyumyum.

I like Ginza although it's... out of my league, so to speak. Here's a pretty sakura tree outside Mikimoto where you can buy a pearl necklace for 7'000'000 yen. Ohlala!


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