Life... oh, life ♥

While at Shinjuku station I randomly met Eiki and Yoshi, who invited me to Eiki's welcome-back-from-the-hospital-party in Nakano. So I went there and met more friends, and got a few new ones at that. (Still amazed how easy it is to get friends in this country.) Didn't quite like that Kari-kari said I'd become fat. (Still amazed how people say such things with ease in this country.)

For several nights, I've met friends who invited me to such things or to just hang out.

Also, my parents are in town to visit me!
Woho! Yay! Yippie! etc.

So... spending all day with my parents, while spending all night with my friends...
Bye bye, sleep!
I hope to see you again, someday.

Oh well.
I've never been happier. If I could, I'd hug my life.
Tomorrow; Matsumoto!

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