Lynch. oneman (and other stuff)

I'm tired and a bit sad since my parents has left the country to return to Sweden, but I've had a splendid week together with them.
Realized that I, even though I haven't felt it for 6 months, have missed them.

Went to a gig with Lynch. after school, at Club Quattro in Shibuya!
My first oneman with them, although it was my third time to see them live.
What can I say? They are so awesome live, their recorded songs really really really can't compare to the songs played live on stage. And my heart was beating so hard during Lizard, mmm favourite song yes.
Oh and people really goes crazy, everyone headbanged their asses off, and if moshpits and diving wasn't forbidden I guess they would've tilted the whole building.
Wanna go soon again, but there will not be many gigs from now on, since they announced that they're gonna focus on writing new songs yay!

Gonna throw in a random kinda old picture because this awesome band is awesome and tattooed arms are hot.

And, although it can't be seen in the picture, Hazuki's voice is pure bliss.
He can shout at my doorstep any day.


Hmmya, the postman drastically woke me up this morning by banging on my door shouting "OHAYO GOZAIMAAAAAASU" (good morning) and since I got a heart attack I didn't want to open. Also because I was in my pyjamas, but. Yea. Called the post office so I'll get it tomorrow instead.

At the hanami last Sunday I somehow lost my Vivienne Westwood armour ring.
Not. Happy. With that.

This entry was supposed to just be about the super amazing awesome Lynch. gig I attended that ended just a little over an hour ago... but just see how that went.

Lynch. is such a great liveband. A must see. Got it?
Good night.

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