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Yesterday was a nice day.

After having a bite to eat and some walking around Shinjuku with Max, we went to B1dynamite!!, a para para club in Kabuki-cho. It was fun, but, yea, you know me and para para isn't the best combination. Nice meeting the people I've got to know though.

The club ended at 11:30, but I'd gotten too drunk to go home so I decided to go to Current, although Max took his last train.
Been a long time since I was there, people told me they'd missed me!

Met the new bartender Emma (is Japanese, but.), talked to her all night. She's so nice, and so. Hot.

Met a guy who's a singer for Cirque de Soleil! Awesome voice.

Had a long and good talk with DJ Vosxyu (ugh spelling. Pronounce "Boshu") and bonded with him a lot. He later played lynch. and Samurai Champloo soundtrack for me. Happy!

Found out that a friend of mine is best friends with Aggy from DELUHI. It's a small world! At least a small Tokyo.

So... Although not planned, it became an allnighter.
But I'm young and careless so it's ok.

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匿名 さんのコメント...

I remembered you wrote this. are you still friends with the person who knows Aggy?
Did you know DELUHI disbanded?

Quarter Void さんのコメント...

Didn't know that, I don't follow major VK etc so much anymore.. Haven't seen that guy in a while either.