Updates: shopping and para para

Here's what was hiding in the shoppingbags:

A chain from Diavlo, to pimp my bag. Made for each other!

An assymetric, kinda transparent, black x silver shirt from Black Peace Now for men. Love the different sleeves!

Also, today after school I got new black sneakers, Vans actually, can you believe it. With sequins yaaay! Pictures some other day if I feel like it.

Oh and yesterday, I went yet again to a para para club, a really big one this time in Roppongi. But actually, it was a blast! Had a really good time. Hope to post more pictures if I get my hands on any!

Ugh, why do I meet new people who invite me to the darn clubs... And why do I like them so much that I want to go... Mmmgh....
Oh well!

Tomorrow big test.

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