Hakone (箱根)

Going going up
Can't see shiet

Black eggs
Mountains mountains...

...in the countryside




It's funny when when you've watched that really cool and nice looking people at school, wanting to talk but not really dared to, only to find out, when you do talk, that the people in question has been thinking the exact same thing about you all that time.

I'm glad I went out yesterday!



Suddenly I wish I didn't have any plans, just so I can make others.



Nice Thursday

After eating dinner from Family Mart in the park in Shin-Okubo, we went to an izakaya in Takadanobaba.

Loved the place!
Really down to earth, and so cozy! There were action figures from Star Wars and Ultraman, and posters of SMAP, Kishidan and various manga. The staff had bleached hair and piercings, was so nice and joked around all the time with everyone.

He took a pic of himself when I asked him to take the picture of us, haha.

Of course I love the more fancy izakaya's where you take off your shoes and the staff bows to you, but these cheaper ones just gives you such a warm feeling! It's almost as coming home to some dear friends, even though I went there for the first time.

(Sara and Maja, I'm definately taking you there!)

See yaa~!



From a readers request, let me tell you about it.

My school is located a 30 seconds walk from Shin-Okubo station. Next to Matsumoto Kiyoshi, on the second floor on top of a 100yen-shop.
Mutsumi Takayama, in my school's office, is the very definition of awesome.

The station is small, only JR Yamanote line. One stop from Shinjuku.
There's music playing in the speakers on the main street.

Shin-Okubo is Korean town!
Lots and lots of Korean resturants, shops etc. Like a huge shop dedicated to Korean boybands. (It's crazy)
to be honest, I never hang out in Shin-okubo really. Except long hours at Jonathan's, eating dinner with Malin. Today, after Jonathan's, we went to the park nearby. It was awesome. Dunno why, but. Must go back.
Though today it's raining, so I didn't take many pictures.... which is why this post became kinda lame. Sorry 'bout that.

See yaaaaaaaaaaa~!

Pyttipanna - how to make it

One of my favorite Swedish dishes.
...although I didn't include the fact that I always buy it ready made.



Shopping in Harajuku!

A t-shirt
(There's a faint pattern of the cat)

A cardigan
(Short, ends at the waist)

Brace pants
(They look awesome worn, I promise.)

All from Sixh.

It's summer, y'know?
I.e. hot!
I notice how I come further away from the gyaru-o, host:y, men's fashion, and more into the loose, angura-kei, unisex fashion. It's nothing I plan to do all year round, but honestly, yes, I feel like wearing lighter clothing when it's 30 degrees. In late May.

I avoid thinking on how much I've spent on these things today, ehum.
I'll make this a reward to myself!
10th day on a diet and I haven't cheated even once!



Yesterday was a really, really great evening.
I'm gonna go ahead and dance around on pink clouds for a while, and hope it'll continue this good.



Went to a concert with M (website) yesterday at RuidoK3 in Ikebukuro. A oneman! In Tokyo, yay! RuidoK3 was so. Small! It was even smaller than Ikebukuro CYBER! Tiniest venue I've ever been to, I believe. Well.

The gig was awesome, they sound kinda different from their CD's. (In a good way)
That's some superb angura kei for you allright!
I also got a nice moment, when I sang along the lyrics of Bokura no Uta, Masakazu noticed, pointed at me and went all "omg you can sing the lyrics waaah!!". And Ao is so adorable! I wasn't prepared for the massive amount of cuteness that suddenly exploded when he started talking. But oh... the MC was so long, too long! Got a bit tired of it (Even though I could understand almost everything they said.)
It was a great live, and I want to see them again ASAP.

I remember a time when I thought
"why would you spend money on chekis?!" (polaroid pics)

Then I went to Shinjuku ni-chome.
That was gay.


Tokyo Disneyland

Schooltrip to Disneyland!

Disneyland was fun.
Yes, it was fun. But not that fun...
A lot of the time I also felt kinda creeped out, due to the unreal, plastic atmosphere.

We were there for 12 hours, though it felt like we stood in line for the attractions half of the time, haha. So many people, and so HOT. I sunburned my face and arms, booh.

The best part was the Haunted Mansion!
Not because it was scary (although I'd probably shit my pants if I was 5 years or so, haha), but because it was the kind of classical, old-school, gothic horror that I love and is so cosy, it was made of win. I'd ride it again if it didn't take 90min to get in.
After that, I felt much better about Disneyland, haha.

In Disneland, they have easter for two months.

The light parade was awesome! And yes, I admit, I became ten years younger when I watched all the characters pass by. I grew up with Disney movies after all.

The castle was very pretty, but very small.

I'm happy we went there, I probably never would if I had to pay for it myself.... But yes, I enjoyed it, a lot!

(But I missed the Lion king! There was no Lion king!!)

See ya


At Disneyland

Do you want some food with that? she said.


Park Hyatt

Worth writing a line or two about is that I went to the bar on the 41st floor of Park Hyatt hotel in Shinjuku. You know... the bar in Lost in Translation... if it rings a bell.
Enjoyed a ridiculously expensive drink and thought about the future.
Got a bit melancholic, as I always get when I think about that.
Made a decision.
Felt happy with that, and continued to gaze at the view I love so much.

KYOTO picture post of doom

I realized I'll probably never find the energy to write everything about Kyoto, which is why I'm gonna give you a shitload of pictures from my trip instead!

Nijo castle
Weren't allowed to take pictures inside.
A shame, because it was SO BEAUTIFUL
And the nightingale floor was amazing.

Mizudera temple
Starting the walk up to Mizudera temple, through the old parts of Kyoto, old streets with preserved old houses.
Mizudera is located up in the mountains, with a splendid view over Kyoto. It was also very beautiful, but I wish I was able to go back alone with no people around...
Passed through the geisha neighbourhoods.
Lots of maiko!
I fell in love with everyone.

Golden temple
was so impressive.
It shined so bright in the sun!

Ryoanji temple
Loved it.

Philosopher's walk
Walk by a river from the Golden temple to the Nyakuouji shrine.

Stressed and bored animals in too small cages at Kyoto zoo

Some kind of parade stretching incredibly long, that we watched from the bus
There was high priests and Important Persons and everything.
Wish I managed to take better pictures.

We visited many more temples and shrines, but I think that's enough with pictures for one entry. I loved Kyoto! It was so different from Tokyo. Will definately go back some day.