Got a haircut this Thursday.
For now I'll just give you this keitai picture because I don't like it, too short gaah. Once again got reminded on why I used to cut it myself all those years. It needed to be done though, was so damaged. In maybe two months I think it'll be the length I prefer, but that's a long time, booh.

The hair salon I go to in Harajuku is nice though, and my stylist Takako is awesome. (A cup of tea and a head massage is included.) And now I know how do to my hair super curly with just gel and my hands, woh!

Went to karaoke with Max and Gaby tonight in Nakano, got my mind off my hair for a while, haha.

Peace out! (^_-)~☆

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I got my hair done at Tony & Guy in Shibuya. They bleached it to just the right colour (although it hurt so much it made me cry, cause japanese + bleaching-how-to = clueless) and styled it fantastically. Of course with the head massage and coffee. Bliss!