Went to a concert with M (website) yesterday at RuidoK3 in Ikebukuro. A oneman! In Tokyo, yay! RuidoK3 was so. Small! It was even smaller than Ikebukuro CYBER! Tiniest venue I've ever been to, I believe. Well.

The gig was awesome, they sound kinda different from their CD's. (In a good way)
That's some superb angura kei for you allright!
I also got a nice moment, when I sang along the lyrics of Bokura no Uta, Masakazu noticed, pointed at me and went all "omg you can sing the lyrics waaah!!". And Ao is so adorable! I wasn't prepared for the massive amount of cuteness that suddenly exploded when he started talking. But oh... the MC was so long, too long! Got a bit tired of it (Even though I could understand almost everything they said.)
It was a great live, and I want to see them again ASAP.

I remember a time when I thought
"why would you spend money on chekis?!" (polaroid pics)

Then I went to Shinjuku ni-chome.
That was gay.

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du är gay <3

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no gay no life <3

Malin さんのコメント...

No life, no gay <3